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    YOu will have to get special permissions from Bytro to enter open 'ranked' maps with your son , you can work around this by creating your own personal map and disabling 'anti-cheat' option in your personal map until you can prove to Bytro you are not a Multi account.


    i have seen dozens of games lost by people because push with victory points saved cheatign player and let him win a map

    For clarification are you talking about CONTROL POINTS or victory points, which are not exactly same thing, Control point map you can win with controlling 4 provinces for 3 days , where victory points are amassed from morale and number of building types of many provinces in a ratio against rest of map.

    Wait, so dividing units in smaller stacks doesn't lower casualties you take? Doesn't that make “flower defense” useless? Or what's the deal then?

    What about if I divide my 40 infantry stack into 40 groups of 1?.

    Key words are 'ATTACKS' and "DEFENSE", dividing units into 1's you are using a completely different aspect of RNG / X-factor known as "Last Stand" /Lemming dynamic which most do not acknowledge but in my experience definitely exists

    Maybe this spread sheet will help…L94-ZDG1NdPnCEic/pubhtml#

    I am having serious issues with new update,

    I have had to reload/ refresh to get display to show that my movement orders, builds ect are working

    Each reload/refresh I am then waiting several minutes for map to load again, reminds me of lag we had with Legacy

    • A varying, maximum runtime has been added to all standard scenarios depending on the maximum player count to ensure they will not be negatively affected by future updates well after a map was created. Maps with a maximum of 31 players will now end automatically after 90 days have passed for example, while 500 Player maps will automatically close after 180 days. When a map ends this way, the player or coalition on top of the ranking will automatically win.

    Have the days changed also for 100p maps, under this new run time will kills be accumulated for duration of map, previously we could accumulate military score on 500 maps until day 360?

    Am I correct in assuming that if I trade a province I hold, to a player in an opposing coalition, that could start a war?

    Yes (if you have your own units , or other player has units in place in trade province) war will be automatic, you need to have Row or higher trust diplomacy relations to trade provinces, in order to trade without war being started. You can also disable recruiting office and move units out of province prior to trade of province to avoid any war being started.


    My question is how to make my army groups,in the way that they are effective.
    I know that there are a lot of factors, like my moral (both army and providence), the moral of my opponent (both army and providence), but is there a specific number of wich type of army that we should use to attack or defend?

    I would suggest Mixed stacks are best answer to your question , mixed stacks and awareness of CAP limits,  Attack/Defense Values (Caps)…L94-ZDG1NdPnCEic/pubhtml#

    I have read that resource shortages impacts morale.

    I have a country that I am facing that has 0 coal, 0 oil, 0 gas, 0 steel. This has been true for several days and I have taken the capital. The provinces of this country vary between 63 and 80 percent morale. Does that seem correct?

    Each/All provinces have civilian populations of 4 million and have daily upkeep cost of 800/800/800 food/materials/energy to sustain upkeep cost read the following...Self sustaining Province Morale % > Double provinces at 20% / Single provinces 68% (with no corruption and no upgrades)

    Each province has its own resource production. Boost production = build structures such as harbor (available day 2) boosts your local production +25%, railroads (available on day 5) boosts your local production +33%, Factories (available on day 8) boosts your local production +8% per lvl... Production also depends on morale of the province morale can be increased building forts +5% per lvl

    What if we're about to lose our capital?

    This is something you want to avoid.

    Conquering a Capital: * 10% morale increase to all of your provinces * receive half of the national money reserve * daily resource production
    Losing Capital: * morale drops 20% in all your provinces * max morale cap is reduced by 40% in all provinces

    do you have more tips and tricks that you know could help us deal with ai?

    Greetings and Welcome back....

    Some time while you were away from s1914, AI was changed to ELITE AI in all maps, previously only Gold Rounds had this ELITE AI... Since this change; once you find yourself at WAR it is nearly impossible to return to PEACE with AI... Much testing has went into deciphering behavior of AI, no hard percentages have been determined for AI doing things like declaring Trade Embargo or Declaring WAR however I can give you few Tips I have learned from constantly playing maps. AI relations are predominately influenced by Global Popularity.

    Global popularity is influenced/manipulated by things like doing 100's of micro trades per day, not any certain resource or amount of resources per trade, but sheer number of trades > 1 silver for 1 silver with a friend will give you higher Global Popularity. Other than Stock market , many of these manipulations with trading directly to other players or with changing status in diplomacy tab.

    Some Positive Influences/Manipulations>

    RoW/Share Maps to AI or most Popular nations

    Trade Embargo Most Dreaded Nations

    Trade Embargo nations which AI are giving Trade Embargo to

    Always Declare War before Attacking

    Several Share Maps

    Some Negative Influences/Manipulations>

    Having high military % (Large Military)

    Surprise Attacks

    Attacking anyone on Newspapers Most Popular List

    Elite AI is much more aggressive than former AI , so not good idea to waste inf units on fighting in early stages of map, but Elite AI is still easily manipulated with any range unit bombardment, now you actually get Military points for harvesting AI, You can still use neutral land to start proxy wars with AI to create buffer...

    Good Luck, Have Fun, Enjoy games....

    Update there seems to have been a divorce from AWT, name change often happens in a divorce... Since the proverbial lawyers got involved and negotiations have been made to have new version of AWT called AT - Alliance Tournament.

    Just so everyone is following the narrative given is that AWT CHAMPS Boot Brigade only uses 'Brute force" strategy of attacking 2019 Solo Champ DutchKing can verify our rudimentary strategy... allegedly we seek this because we are hyper active for first few days but lack stamina to finish longer match due to being exhausted from hyper activity at start of map.... FYI> AWT Finals went to limit of day 18 and Boot Brigade won AWT Finals with score of 1514-199 as, a map which was actually decided by day 7. AT Organizer has every right to extend maps to day 21+ or longer but I wonder if extending AWT Finals map would have made game more fun or rich experience for anyone involved? Language being used is that other team would enjoy attempting to make a 'come back' with mechanical units for extra 3-7 days, a come back from 199-1514 to win map. I understand logic, when you can not run a sprint you change and look to run a Marathon. Now organizers announces that AT will be ran in fashion NOT favoring BB, no other alliances need worry about anything it is all decided.. FYI> capitals were never relocated rather they were traded to prevent capture by Germany (Blatant reverse Engineering of Capital Farming Rule) only France Re-built NOT relocated a capital after his capital was sacked on day 4-5 prior to day which province trade is allowed ... words like 'relocating capital' are misleading of facts, and no such explanation is required for Organizer to issue AT rules which are meant to protect other alliances from Brute force strategies used by Boot Brigade, I hope everyone is happy and AT Tournament will be a success, I am happy!

    Hi, apologies if this has been addressed, but I couldn't find it anywhere; how do you switch between your games on mobile?
    I'm playing multiple games right now, and when I'm away from the computer I'd like to be able to check on my games and make adjustments, but the mobile app just seems to pick one of my games at random; I cant find a way to choose which game to access through the app.
    Thanks for any help.

    on mobil when you open s1914 and your sessions begins, you can choose which game you want to access from your list of games, it tells you on right side map size 10p, 31p, 100p, 500p and last log in as I recall (eg.17 hours 30 minutes) when logging into a large 500 map you get a pop up warning you can ignore or bypass , you have these options prior to entering any map when your session begins this is time to select specific map you want to enter/ check on....

    To switch to a different map on your list> you exit first map and then choose from your list of maps in progress a different map...rinse /repeat