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    Also just to make sure, you didn't by any chance mix up offensive and aggressive fire control ? The later will cause your units to also bombard neutral units within range.

    The cruisers which were attacking neutral units were only set for Offensive Fire control, however other Cruisers in entire different area of map were in fact set to Aggressive fire control, falty cruisers which attacked were near to Spain, other cruisers which had Aggressive Fire control setting were near to Suez / Hajez area.

    I am familiar with the difference in Offensive and Aggressive fire control mechanics

    Please tell me you're joking and just trolling us because this is a MAJOR problem. I use Offensive fire a LOT and if I now have to worry about units going rogue and attacking ALLIES it completely negates one of the prime reasons to buy High Command.

    I am not joking it happened in a 100p event Capital Rush map which is one player wins map, in this map after cruisers killed off last enemy inf unit, they then started attacking an ally I had share maps with which had inf units in the area, is possible that it is because it is event map and Solo Winner scenario I am not sure what excuse will be , but it is Common Bug not first time I witness this... just re-emergence of same old bug since recent update

    Rally point and Fire control are both issues with High Command, only thing seems to work with consistency is Build Queue and shared intel

    I had units today which were set for Offensive Fire control after killing my opponents units then started attacking an allies units whom I have shared maps with, this is new issue, ships set on Aggressive fire control is known but this is new with this update, Offensive fire control and share maps

    This is done so that a new generation of Field Marshals will arise which have earned their points fighting against AI, combine this with 2 days inactivity and these Bot fighting Field Marshals will also have shiny k/d ratios to boast about ;)

    I have witnessed Bytro reduce the inactivity period from 5 days down to 2 days, so Bytro is also protecting these players K/D ratios, especially in 500 maps where you have huge armies, Bytro can fix this by simply returning to the prior 5 days inactivity standard.

    While on this topic another deceptive statistic with overall experience of players since Bytro made all AI Elite, these players are achieving high military rank with 80% of their score being fighting against AI

    There should be a clear definition on rules such as Account pushing, vague rule descriptions which are enforced based only on a volunteer's Judgement call is a flawed rule from the start...

    Nothing new in S1914 and I am sure it is same priority as replacing the 'daily spin'

    Would you kindly try the ultimate client again later today on your active maps and check if it still causes you trouble ? There was an issue in s1914 after the last update that caused some players to experience unusually strong stutters and lags but this should get fixed with an update today.

    I am using Ultimate Immersion / ReVamp and still getting delays and stutter on 500 maps, this is not what I have experienced until last 2 weeks, again I am currently playing in 10p, 100p and 500p map, this is only happening in the 50-0 map

    Also have noticed with incognito window which stops cookies the diplomacy such as shared intel reverts to shared maps, pathfinding issues have again entered maps, now thinking of returning to legacy to play my 500 maps because of lag now happening in ReVamp /Ultimate display

    Sounds like part of the HnR update as if your arty are somehow targeted because of the range capabilities, return fire mechanic or something at play, with such a huge meat shield and heavy Tanks no way arty should absorb any damage in a lvl 5 fort

    just join fp and you do not have to worry about pop - ups for a week to 10 days, after this amount of time you will get a pop up saying you been deleted / removed as a FP; at which time you rinse and repeat or you will get pop-ups again LOL

    Actually, I'm not sure who it was that mentioned it, but recently it was announced that there is no longer a penalty for not declaring war. Whether it's a surprise attack OR a declaration of war has no impact on your morale either way.

    I have noticed since most recent update that I am surprise attacking AI which is something I never do, I wonder if this is a change in diplomacy or global popularity mechanic, here is example I was not in province with any units , only had a fighter patrolling to see how many units were inside a fort something unknown to me triggered a Surprise attack >…9908385898496/unknown.png

    Would be nice for Bytro to make Announcement some of differences in mechanics in Speed rounds,

    e.g. > coalition cool down period is still 2 full days in speed round = 8 game days for 4x speed map

    e.g. > Victory Points and builds from previous day change are the total when clock is expires on Event Maps, any build completed in last 6 hours will not count toward your Victory Point total as in normal maps

    Backstabbing is common in this game, most players are opportunistic to begin with and call it a strategy, however in this community last thing you want is a reputation as a 'backstabber'.

    Probably best to learn from the experience, take the higher road and stop joining coalitions simply because some stranger happened to spawn near to you in a map.

    If it happens in a map I share with you , please send me your resources prior to backstabber sacking your capital or your going inactive ;)

    Now, what can we do to prove we are actually 2 guys trying our best to enjoy the game even when a mod that should try his best to solve the customers problems is doing his best to sabotage said customers?

    Best thing you can do to prevent from getting banned as multi account users is to create a personal map to "play with yourr dad" when selecting perimeters in your personal map you have option to DISABLE anti-cheat BOT and you will then still be able to play with your Dad... using same IP is probably going to get you kicked every time you are in a map which has anti cheat enabled.

    Good Luck hope you get refund of your purchases.