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    If you have another battleship, click on it and cycle thru all your battleships to get to the one that is stuck to move it, otherwise file a bug report and GO will handle it, need a report ticket to enter any map to take action

    You can still have Right of Way , Share Maps and Shared Intel with players not in your coalition...however you must have these trusted diplomacy status's in place PRIOR to joining a coalition... once you are in a coalition it is too late to then establish these High Trust Diplomacy Status with players outside of your coalition since it could compromise all the Coalitions members Shared map status you automatically have when joining a coalition.

    You do not lose these trusted diplomacy status's, with players which you have status with prior to joining a coalition.

    It is only after you or another player joins a coalition that you are limited in adding these trusted diplomacy status's to new players.

    yes you can see the medals have increased since you departed , new map scenarios have been added, also league play has been lost so those are obsolete unless league play resumes.... and Tournaments are rare things around here

    Common request... please read link > Best/Worst use of Gold Best /Worst Use of Gold Marks

    If per say a plane is flying and its airfield is destroyed, will the plane die?

    Depends how airfield is destroyed ? Another factor is if plane is in air and patrolling or attacking... when airfield is damaged from bombardment planes attacking will return to airfield for refueling and be grounded , probably then being destroyed as they can not fly away, if airfield is damaged from melee fighting and attacking planes return to refuel then the planes are locked into the melee and can not fly away.

    When airfield is burned down with gold then planes will teleport to next nearest airfield....

    Test and see what happens and use results you experience in your future maps

    Alliance is formed by any given player creating his/her own alliance, and once formed members are usually selected from players which they meet while playing maps. Officer roles are designated to chosen/trusted members of the alliance... From the Alliance tab other players/alliances can be challenged to alliance battles by officers or leader of said alliance they are in...

    Discord is the common way in which members of a given alliance stay in communication with members of their clan, experienced veteran players usually train the new members and teach them skill they have learned in maps they have played... discord also allows for members to take screen shots and post in secure place when planning their maps...

    Make sure that you take screen shot of the newspaper when it says how many battleships you have killed, if you have screen shot of newspaper as evidence you will not be denied , always any evidence you can save is going to be proof to help Bytro team to locate anything you claim is missing ;)

    usually military stats update within a few days, you have an icon you can switch back and forth sometimes your kills might be registering under AI if you not fighting real players... there are Real player and also AI scores you can toggle back and forth....

    If you are still accepting challenges, Mercator Mortalis would like to challenge you guys.

    Montgomery I will have one of the Boot Brigade officers contact you for this open challenge, do you want us to make map or do you want to do it, we like to have a gentleman's agreement of NO GOLD USE for any alliance Battle map, do you have authority to abide and enforce this gentleman agreement with your clan?

    If yes then feel free to contact Boot Brigade Officer Hubbahub he has interest and authority.

    Welcome back to the greatest Tactical/Strategy War game on internet ;)

    It is common practice to split stacks to thwart the damage done by range bombardment such as planes and arty units, however splitting does not ensure damage will not be taken since 'splash damage' still occurs.

    To see which unit the range attacker has targeted click on attacker, split accordingly separating and moving bulk of stack away from the targeted unit.

    Inf units are free and will absorb majority of damage, tanks are re noun for how much damage they can absorb.

    Actually Hastings, it depends on the map. 100s and 500s have dead spots where you can't select the units or do anything with them.

    Yes this is a known issue with the certain dead spots, and when you have units frozen on a map, you can zoom / zoom out to then click onto unit then zoom out this way you are capable to again control the unit.. it is a process but it works, I have had to play with it a few times and I agree it was always a 500 map when it happened to me on legacy view you can see the feint vertical line in the display and that is the point you need to move the units past

    there is no limit on kills 'per day' however there are cut off days on given maps for accumulating military stats, small maps are day 120, 500 p maps are day 365 as I recall....

    I would like to know more about Strategies , also flower bouquet stopped working or so is what i read. I wanted to know the right way of using bomber planes and light cruisers.

    Yes, Bytro has worked to change Flower Bouquet, although it is NOT completely broken it needs to be adapted to new game mechanic's perhaps try splitting 3-4 units on each petal instead of one unit per petal, as for learning strategies of LC's and Planes suggest you find alliance which will train you , or attach yourself to Elite player which will train you , or best way to learn is to TEST for yourself and to not trust what others claim... never be afraid to test and fail...this is always best teacher.

    I am not aware of a translation of that buildplan into German. I find it very helpful, so would you mind if I translate and post it in the german forum as well?

    You know we write these articles that are topics of interest or frequently asked questions to HELP the Community, you guys are welcome to take what you need; translate, edit do as you please to share with the community and other servers with my blessings LOL

    Keep in mind s1914 is always evolving and this post is meant as a "GUIDE" it is not the law and each player will find what is useful for them taking what is useful and discarding other parts ;)