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    I have found this teleporting of AI does not happen when I am firing on 'Bot; City with range units, it only happens when I lock onto the city with Melee units and click attack,(I have done this only with Inf/cav units not with tanks)

    The Melee attack (inf / cav units) seems to be the trigger and this is the the moment of teleportation by AI units.

    These players are attempting to help the staff...I do not understand this adversarial stance of "you must show proof" this is not first time I have seen this in Forum... 2 of these players are regulars here in forum and very experienced all Bytro staff knows them and has dealt with them many times...

    Why are they being treated as is they are in a court of law and their statements are 'false until proven true' with screen shots and proof of a time clock in the screenshot??? Something is amiss with the adversarial dynamics here...

    Only when all proof is given, then does the standard statement of ...ok we will look into it, come;)

    Seems very simple, the wars start when you are crossing one of the dots on the ocean, so if you see someone at sea then you give them RoW when you get close and move past their units then change back to peace status after you are past their units to avoid wars starting at sea... again another "feature" of the game which is intended and will require greater activity level... same as HnR... activity level based exploits are "features"

    This does not change war being started at sea by crossing an invisible SUB...however

    Thank you Freezy for explaining how to avoid the stupid wars at sea

    Is it possible for Bytro Team to list players Alliance affiliation in the 500/100 player maps in a similar manner which coalition members are listed?

    The issue comes when an Alliance Pack joins a map, then they join different coalitions using discord, Facebook, or some other screen shot sharing avenue to show pictures of their respective coalition mates (whom they have Share Map with ) units and tech...

    Is a lot of work to search all these players and their Alliance in a 500 p map, and majority of the time Alliance loyalties always come first before 'in map coalition' loyalties. I am aware you can individually look at all players and their Alliance affiliations with the player profiles...

    Thanks appreciate any input... Kind Regards Hastings TNT

    Well, I had a couple wars start over this new aggressive setting, as in past I have used it with my range units when I knew I would be AFK, seems a new change to again promote more different than what is required for HnR... I am sure it will be used as an excuse to simply test if another player is active :)