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    Something has changed with the time allowed for delay which changes stance of the units from defending to attacking, even when going back and checking status I have seen this change, I have made habit of double checking things because some orders are not implemented, sometimes have to log out, then log back into game to ensure orders are taken, maybe a bug or maybe Bytro has been quietly changing the mechanic to destroy flower exploit same as HnR exploit has been changed??

    Actually HNR is not a big issue because you can use a sacrificial stack of inf to attract fire and then move in, fire on the stack and pull back out again, it's just a matter of working with the 1 hour hit rate. There is also another method which I shall refrain from discussing on here. Anyway, continued good gaming everyone.

    Another guy was talking about this same strategy and far as I know you have one minute for arty to fire again, this will be fun to adapt to this new change for me it is way to kill HnR sitters not sure how the automatic fire is different than offensive fire control, I suppose you could use HnR but it is a very tight window according to what Freezy said in this link ,

    Double Artillery Shots in 1 Tick

    Please share your experiences to this topic. I will do it also. As far as I understood this could be also make ranged units weaker... Also removes this update the advantage from active gamer against an offline gamer... :-( I hope HnR will be still possible. A couple of seconds are enough.

    HnR is activity based exploit, I do not have much experience with this exploit since past 2 yrs I am not as active on maps, without HnR those which return each hour to move forward fire and retreat will be lost, other exploits that do not all require activity to advance in this game will need to be mastered.

    I have suspicion this is a way to eliminate account sitters from the game and that everyone will now have benefit of offensive fire control which was previously a perk only enjoyed by High Command members, however I am only guessing as I have not tested the nuance of this change/fix. I look forward to testing this change on the battlefield, and wonder if the misfire or 1 arty unit preventing 6 other units from firing will also be eliminated...

    2nd arty shot (same Battle tick) is actually one minute after arty kills last unit you had targeted usually need Offensive fire control for this to happen, since todays update I can see it happening with range units firing automatically even when you do not have High Command

    • Ranged units, such as artillery, did not automatically attack enemy units within range immediately, effectively allowing enemy units to operate within its range for up to a few minutes before being shot at.From now on ranged units will commence the bombardment of enemy units as soon as they get in range, in case their fire command doesn’t prevent such actions.

      Actually, the end of Hit and Run is announced here.

    Yes and without HnR many players will quit this game as it is only tool they had in their tool box... however my experience is each time Bytro does a FIX of this nature 2-3 other exploits become available and only need to discovered.

    I think this FIX made fire control for High Command less important

    Not a fan of the arrowheads at all. Just causes more clutter especialy when flowering. Dont think I can find 1 guy in my alliance who likes the arrows.

    Arrow heads can/will easily be used as disguise to mislead newbie players about your units movements; however I agree that Red Dots were better for purposes of flower and destinations than these cluttering arrows, Frontline maps have been using arrows only time it is issue is in tight areas

    Especially since there are NO 500p or 100p maps in Sone.

    Amazing how many entries are on the wrong forum.

    Time is way over due for Bytro to separate these 2 forums, you do not have CoW, NWE or CoN lumped in together sharing same Forum, many times I have caught myself responding to a subject only to realize that the Thread is actually Supremacy1 or Tesla (what ever the current name) it should not be combined with S1914 Forum

    Edwylm This Thread should never be obsolete solely because of 365 day rule since activity, as it is part of game mechanics, can you please refresh it or something make it part of S1914 Facts so it does not get lost like many of articles/threads from Lucian which were lost from Old Forum?

    I am not sure how to check mobilisation on the web-browser, but apparently, reduced mobilisation is visible on the phone app. See the screenshot at the following link:…lisation_10_mean_and_how/

    Will you be able to check if you have reduced mobilisation? I think mobilisation changes with the day-change, so the screenshot of attack damage and mobilisation needs to be from the same day.

    Mobilization is only a factor at start of map, day 1 = 50%, day 2 = 70%, day 3 = 90% and by day 4 = 100% so long as resource requirements are meet, mostly Grain and Oil will affect this...This is my understanding and much testing on this was conducted by Boris DE and Petruzz, is possible Petruzz has info on his s 1914 discord server >  I found this on server under > !Mobility


    - Usually mobility is at 100% (from day 4 on) and people who have reduced mobility due to lack of oil are generally quickly gameover.

    - Maps start with 50% mobility. Speed is proportional to mobility. If there is oil it will rise 20% each day. Everybody is affected by this reduced mobility from the start, but it can make a major difference in team battles, since it can prevent one nation from strengthening another at a required time.

    - It is not clear how mobility is affected by a shortage of oil. It does not decline 10% each day anyway and also does not in combination with a shortage of other resources.

    - A shortage of grain has no effect on mobility and also has no direct effect on army morale (!) Like any resource shortage it can influence army morale indirectly by lowering the morale of the province the army is standing in.

    - HP is an unit of health. It is proportional to morale/condition of an unit. hp = base * morale/condition-%

    - Heavily damaged units (with a lot of reduced morale/condition) can still apply a lot of damage, since only 45% of the damage-capacity is proportional to morale/condition: damage% = mobility% * (45 * morale% + 55)

    IP address does not lie, falsely accused if you are eating another country with player that shared same IP address is "case Closed" most of the time, you have to give good explanation to GO to get back such a ruling over turned.

    OK, one reason I suspect is you have different attack damage with units is because of issuing attack orders, other is defending, I do not know how you are creating this, please explain and perhaps I can try to duplicate it to see exactly what is the difference, if not myself perhaps one of Bytro Volunteers can do the 'leg work' to discern what is difference, but anyone would for sure need to know what is process you are doing to indicate different Attack damage considering all else is even

    Just realized this is a Supremacy 1 Post, most of game mechanics will still be the same , and strategy will be same however your build guide has to be different in Supremacy 1, best to befriend a more experienced player and to pick their brain, usually guys are glad to help and to share info with fellow players which are eager to learn.

    Slyx when will Bytro separate these Forums? Supremacy 1 has been attached to S1914 for couple years now and confusion is never ending

    Sounds like Dominion (Oil Control Point) Map, yes you have safe starting provinces; these maps are known to be great for harvesting Military stats since AI was assigned as ELITE, Newbies go inactive and you mostly fight AI in these maps, since you know this is what player is doing, you can take advantage of their game play style by waiting for him to sneak out of his safe zone and slaughter the mechanical units they create = easy military stats

    Hi, I'm a beginner and I want to know, what is attack damage and how does it work? In one round I'm playing, I am the Russian Empire and have 26 troops in Lodz with an attack damage of 7.6. In Breslau, Germany has 17 troops with a attack damage of 9.8. Also what is strength and how is it different from attack damage?


    German units are inside a fort Russian units have no fort seems to be the difference in the screen shots you are showing

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