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    Managing Several Provinces Area's / Buildings and Units

    -LMB = Left Mouse Button > click in Province Admin panel

    -choose type building at TOP

    -select construction or production

    -ctrl +RMB (Right Mouse Button) if selecting provs

    click top - go to the bottom, you click Shift + RMB + scrolling will also work in selection for build / production and enable and disable buildings
    shift + RMB is the important part to gain control over many provinces and to build what ever you want all in one click instead of 100 clicks or more when selecting areas, you can highlight in red Tint, then you use province admin to click and you are building/producing dozens or more buildings and units...

    TE, the issue here is not that your former coalition mate went inactive and you still had RoW.... it is AI country you had RoW with and if you were using range units like arty, planes, ships for bombardment of enemy ... sounds to me like you had a 'Splash' damage situation ... which could cause a false war with AI that you had Row with if you damaged any of their buildings or did damage to any of their units...

    Another possibility, if you have High Command and range unit was set for aggressive fire mode that could also have started such a war because aggressive fire mode would shoot at Neutrals....but that situation has been fixed with new offensive fire control.

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    These new fixes / updates make me want to do some more exploring of the UI Banner, view, for myself only issue now is several log-in's on pc if you have several maps in progress, :)

    With legacy you can open several tabs from the one log in, New UI I would have to log into s1914 Four separate times on a pc for the same thing here is screen shot


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    Sorry, I had no idea this issue was about was Supremacy 1 rather than S1914

    I have no clue about nuances of Supremacy 1, I was talking about S1914,

    Having both games in same FORUM continues to confuse me...

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    I have another suggestion for you to fill the time, many new maps are starting at all different times than what we have here in the English server > you can drop in on another server , Italian, Spanish, Greek, German, Polish, and when you join in another server you then have to decipher the servers language using google translate, this is busy work that will fill the time.

    FYI... you only need open different server to log into a map, after you are logged into a map from another server that map will show up in you games list here in English server. The game mechanics are still same on any server.

    Good luck, Have Fun

    Kind Regards, Hastings TNT

    The province trade rule is +/- 4 per map, and you can not trade a province until day 7-8 and then only 1 province per day, this is not technique Role players use for Land shuffle / land swap....

    Most role play games are set up with historical boundaries of the time frame they are conducting the map for, ie.1440-1460, so what the role players do to get the map started is a 'land shuffle' aka Land Swap... which has become far more difficult for the role players to manage now that AI on all maps has become ELITE AI, and global popularity with Elite AI , makes it possible AI will attack the players declaring war on each other temporarily for the land swap

    What is normally done in a land shuffle is that one player will enter a map and they will move all units out of the area so that the other designated player for a given country can take the province creating a traditional border of any given Historical Era , afterward the 2 role players return to PEACE status.

    Then after all Land Shuffles are complete the role players write articles in the Newspaper 'role playing' their wars and using diplomacy and government officials, monarchs and spokespersons to play out the duplicity in newspaper the maps of s1914 , in my experience Role Play is all about writing articles in Newspaper

    Kind regards, Hastings TNT

    Many variables in S1914, the 9 inf units even at 1/3rd strength while at sea have 3 hit points and your cruisers depending on condition only have 2 hit points each... also the inf units would get a morale boost after defeating first cruiser... unless you sat and observed it all play out, no one will now be able to tell you why...

    Speculation can say, there could have been an invisible opponent Sub with 4 hit points in middle of the fight, or maybe there were planes or a rail gun in the equation if this skirmish took place near a coast... also opponent might have boosted inf morale with GOLD just prior to fighting your cruisers or in between killing the 1st and 2nd cruiser.

    Again, many variables that your scenario does not describe, and we have no screen shot to look at... when fighting I can tell you that in my experience HIT POINTS are most important thing to monitor. You can click on any unit and the (i) info about that unit to decipher the hit points.

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    Standard Build Schedule
    Standard can be adapted depending on allies and resources (Island countries build more LC’s / fewer arty)
    1st thing go to Resources and set OIL use to Zero, you want to stockpile Oil for factories on day 8,

    if you do not have OIL you will want to expand and take oil provinces

    Early in map, Do Not waste resources on Tanks, Bombers or Rail Guns

    Day 1> Recruiting Offices in all provinces, Dbl Resource provinces **ONLY**> workshops (lvl 1 &2) + Barracks lvl 1
     Start armored cars ‘AC’s”
     Build forts on border provinces of enemy threats

    Day 2 > Dbl resource provinces Build calvary Units
     Build Harbor in province you (team/coaliton) need the 25% bonus on resources
     Any lvl 2 forts needed

    Days 3 + continue building calvary units while grain allows, when grain is depleted disable barracks

    Day 5 > start any rail roads

    Day 8 > Lvl 1 factories
    Day 10 > lvl 2 factories, arty units and airfields
    Day 12 > lvl 3 factories, arty and fighters

    Day 14 > lvl 4 factories, arty and fighters

    Additional concepts with Resources and MID game Expansion

    All provinces have 4 million populations and have daily upkeep cost of 800/800/800 food/materials/energy to sustain upkeep cost read the following...

    **Self sustaining Province Morale %** > Double provinces at 20% / Single provinces 68% (with no corruption and no upgrades )

    For more help go to Discord link to the server > in #indicator chat room, bot command !outcome…66789081841674/output.png


    1. prioritize conquer provinces that produce oil

    2. every province has same daily upkeep (800/800/800 - food/material/energy)

    3. when expanding let provinces to rebel or lose them in war

    4. stacks are best when units are mixed groups

    5. In general invest in double provs, especially with energy

    6. then invest into other provs

    7.adjust resources sliders

    you probably have very low morale in provs with oil and energy this is why they do not produce enough oil.

    this is what happenes if you expand wide without an idea how to do it and when to do it. Do not worry if you survive long enough others around you should collapse economically.

    MT, you can file a BUG report requesting your gold be refunded, however if you look at the time in the newspaper; you will see you likely used gold spy to reveal all armies just prior to day change, and once day change occured you lost what you just paid for, this is common , sorry but gold spy's work same as ordinary silver spy's, except they do instant actions and after day change they need to be deployed again

    Kind Regards, Hastings TNT

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    Skill Level 1, 2 and 2.5

    lvl 1 is harvesting AI instead of fighting real players, having huge number advantage when fighting real players, using HnR (Hit n Run), claiming only HnR is acceptable 'exploit', despite BYTRO describing all past exploits as **advanced strategies**, majority of players are lvl 1

    lvl 2 is using a combination of cav rush, flanking, finding roads that have right angles for your arty, Flower Bouquet defending , using cruisers for water fighting in combination with using planes for air support on land and sea. any higher you need HC fire modes for using Flower Bouquet in attacking strategies, many low skill players lvl 1 also use backstabbing to accomplish their goals promising players things can not deliver which they have no control over ...of course there are many tricks with controlling morale, trading/taking provinces, harvesting capitals, resource production, global popularity, ,movement and planning that starts from early in map and pays off at end stages of map.

    When you learn lvl 2 and have High Command you can defeat most any player you meet in these maps if you have a few trusted alliance mates in map with you...many things are variables, diplomacy, relationships, economy, but most important is time using fast units and movement is more import to plan properly, only make fights you can win with 1/2 your armies, NOOB players tend to send all their armies to battle front leaving interior open these players we allow to take provinces, draining the morale from their main stack as we flank them our bigger plan is not defending a few provinces, but to break thru flanking opponent, cutting off any retreat, while harvesting interior and capital , most wars are won in the preparation not in bull shit diplomacy, weak players rely on diplomacy, fighters do not need it is much to absorb, as you play and gain experience you will learn how to SEE maps and recognize what is goal and who you can make deals with, who you must fight to control map movement of land and water routes.

    Time Lag of 500 maps is normal in all BYTRO servers, this is why we developed other lvl 2 advanced strategies that do not rely upon HnR, this HnR is impossible in a 500 map when players have huge doom stacks in play, better to use other strategies I outlined above...only playing and testing to perfect these strategies can really enable us to advance, talking about doing something and understanding is not same as the doing and comprehending the preparation and nuances of each element of higher skill level strategies

    Lvl 2.5, study and know your enemies fighting styles, use their strengths against them as you deploy lvl1 and lvl 2 strategies

    Things you remember as 'exploits' are now considered as 'advanced strategies' and are acceptable now , no different than Shoot n Scoot, or Hit n Run was always an acceptable 'exploit' from the past...

    I also have newly formed Alliance and look forward to putting guys thru their paces and working together as a Team.

    Send challenge when you are ready, i can get 4-5 guys to participate with in a few days... as you know real life always comes first, good to start any map on a Wednesday or Thursday with a 2-3 day peace period then we can all have fun over the weekend as the Peace period expires and no one is busy with work. ;)

    Kind Regards, Hastings TNT

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    Boot Brigade will accept is challenge under traditional Alliance Battle Map agreement of 'No Gold Use' , in addition last summer, Bytro determined all 'exploits' are now considered as 'advanced strategies' and are allowed....

    Anytime you are ready send us the challenge we do not care south america, Europe, any 5 vs 5 we happy to accomodate you :)

    Kind Regards, Hastings TNT

    Leader Boot Brigade

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    I vote Steel and Ice, only a weekend is very demanding

    50/50 have proven to be too many inactive's early on in map, and lack of players working together,

    Suggest any map that we could actually have some competent players which could pick their own teams would be relished by Veterans, the advertisment is misleading; these are same stamped out event maps that quickly deteriorate by allowing any civilian rank player join and ruin map for the committed players...

    Perhaps a GOLD free Event map certain amount of teams all picking their own members , I would pay real money for such an event map , to play against the best, also allow the one guy choosing the team to pay for the entire teams entry fee, none of this stuff where each guy has to pay 5k Gold to enter, (100 map 5 member teams, one fee of 25K gold for the team)

    Thank you,

    Hastings TNT

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