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    There is a limited amout of slots for frontline pioneers so in case all are currently filled, the pop-up will only show up after someone left the pioneers. There is always some fluctuation so you should get the chance to join eventually.

    A spy K/D would indeed by a quite interesting statistic to track.

    What else would you want to change / can you think of that would to cool to have regarding espionage ?


    Full list of all changes included in today’s release:


    • When a player loses all provinces, the player is now marked as defeated and loses any possibility to get back into the game round.
      • This change prevents the possibility to share intel on the game by a defeated player via diplomatic relations he or she had before the defeat which could not be canceled after the defeat.
    • When tapping the back button on mobile devices a popup appears that asks you whether you would like to close the app.
    • When opening the army filter drop down menu the option to de-/select units with the “waiting” state was displayed twice. This second option has been removed respectively.
    • The access detection for Android devices was improved. This prevents the app from informing you about a connection loss, although your device is connected to the internet.
    • Country names on the map now allow for more characters in the same line of a country’s name. This change prevents unwanted line breaks in a country's name.
    • The maximum font size for country names on the map has been increased, allowing for an even larger display of country names, if the occupied area supports it.

    Bug fixes:

    • An issue was resolved that prevented the logout button on desktop to work if you used Firefox or Safari browsers to play the game.
    • A bug on mobile devices was fixed that prevented connection points at sea to be displayed on the map.
    • An issue was resolved that was responsible for the incorrect display of currently selected units when moving or scrolling on the map.


    Attention, Generals!

    Today’s release features a change in the display of army labels. Instead of displaying every label in full size when zoomed out on the map they will now shrink and the numbers indicator of how many units are present will fade out. The colour indicator representing the allegiance and diplomatic status with an armies nation will remain however. This will allow for a much better overview in late game scenarios and should slightly improve map performance.

    Event maps are also subject to an important change, as they will now start immediately after their creation by the system. We opted for this change as the former system caused a negative game experience for players who could only participate in event maps with a delay.

    Lastly an issue on mobile devices was resolved, that prevented the title for scenarios from being centered when the title was too long to be displayed in just one line.

    While the volume of today’s changes is small we can assure you that we’re busy working behind the scenes. Both the change to the army labels and the event maps were very heavily influenced by the feedback we received from you and we’re planning on incorporating it in future updates as well.

    Your Bytro Team

    Don't send private messages to GO's asking about why you got removed from a map or banned please.

    If you are removed from a map the case must be very clear as we don't do this without concrete evidence.

    Sending private messages to a GO is not efficient. Send a ticket to the support staff instead. These will be answered as soon as possible and all necessary data of your account will be linked automatically.


    Attention, Generals!

    In today's update for Supremacy 1914 we revise the shop design on mobile devices for more ease of use and better overview. Furthermore we adjust the dynamic display of country names on the map and simultaneously add extra characters frequently used in some languages in order to assure the correct spelling of provinces. As always bug fixes are also part of the release to ensure ever smoother gameplay.

    For a complete overview of all changes, please check the list below:


    • The design of the ingame shop was revised for mobile devices. All offers are now merged in one single tab to increase ease of use and comparability of offers. By scrolling through the shop you will still find the subcategories that were split into multiple tabs beforehand.
    • Country names are now displayed more in the geographic center of a country, instead of the capitol area. This change avoids issues with skewed country names on certain maps and better reflects the expansion of your nation.
    • Country names are now only displayed in the 3 most interesting areas of a nation, in case it happens to have several solid, split off areas on the map.
    • We’ve added several special characters whose absence was the cause of misspellings regarding province names in languages where these characters are frequently used.
    • Mobile users do not get a floating tooltip stating “Not yet accepted” for games they cannot join due to a minimum rank requirement. Instead, players are informed about the requirement when tapping on the greyed out “Join” button.


    • The floating tooltip of an army now shows the correct travel time when moving into enemy territory. Travel times displayed in the army bar and in the floating tooltip are now identical.

    We hope you like today's changes and are looking forward to your feedback in the forums!

    Your Bytro Team


    Attention, Generals!

    Today’s release is entirely focused on eliminating existing bugs in order to smoothen the overall gameplay experience. We fix non-scrollable menus on mobile devices, make sure planes don’t get stuck after completing attack orders and prevent spies from being able to damage the very heart of a nation: its capitol building.

    Please check out the list below for more details and a complete overview of today’s update:

    Bug fixes:

    • In case more than two time-limited events were active at the same time, only two icons were displayed on screen simultaneously. This has now been adjusted.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the stock market tab to not be scrollable on some iOS devices.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the espionage tab to not show the lowest entry on mobile devices.
    • A bug that sometimes gave planes the ability of teleportation after having attacked a close enemy unit was fixed. Planes now fly back to their base after an attack as intended and do not teleport anymore.
    • The issue that prevented Control Point graphics from being displayed on Dominion maps when zooming out has been resolved.
    • A visual bug was fixed that caused the number of displayed projectiles fired by long-range units to increase proportional to the total amount of units present within the same stack. The number of displayed projectiles is now proportional to the amount of long range units within a stack.
    • It was possible to damage capitol buildings via spy missions, which was not an intended mechanic. This has been fixed, as capitol buildings are now indestructible and can only be removed by capturing the respective province or relocating the capitol itself.
    • An issue was resolved that triggered an error message for some players after a Forced March command had been ordered to an army.
    • A bug on mobile was fixed that caused the coalition tab to be displayed in game rounds that had coalitions deactivated.

    We’re happy to present you with the content of today's release as it makes for smoother and more efficient gameplay. Can you match our efforts of swatting pesky bugs by doubling your efforts in the air and score some additional victories in the sky? Best of luck general, prepare for war!

    Your Bytro Team