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    Having read in the other forum *(1914) that there is a technique where you break your stack down to single units, put them on delay and allow the enemy to attack you and you can defeat 10 times or more the attackers, I was stunned. also that this technique which clearly works on a flaw in the combat algorithim is present in S-0ne. I was just tempted to join an S-one game (*would be my 3rd) when I read this.

    This is absurd and not something I want in a game that I may be tempted to put my time into let alone a few bucks to keep the progamers paid.:cursing:

    Where can I find article setting out of mechanics/algorithm of the battles in S-1 (Tesla wars)?

    is it the same mechanic of battles like in Supre1914?

    For e.g.

    - is ones is staying without any movement and other player attacks him, will there be always 2 battle ticks every hour and one's damage hits will be dealt as attacker and other as defender?

    - if my units shows that his attack dmg is 10 amd defence dmg is 15, so, if I want to use defence dmg I have to stop my units so that I will be defender instead off attacker?

    - if my province has gor low morale, does it cause that production of the resources are low as well?

    Or production is always the same no matter what morales are

    - how many troops I have to keep in captured province in order to avoid rebelion?

    - is there something like SPLASH DMG?

    In Supre1914 is 5 km. Everything in that range gets hit

    Where can I find detailed description of all sorts of things like that used in the game?

    Thank you

    Great idea.

    But.... what would you say guys if instead of making tournament once a year, just try to organise somekind of league?

    With 2-3 division, tablescore, regular battles and after end of the league - two teams from second division are advancing to top one, and 2 from top one degrade to lower division.

    Obviously, apart from that league tournament could be taking place simultaneously as well.