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    I though I would also get gold medal for the first , second or 3rd place. We have here both teams and coalition - should I also get coalition medal?

    does it mean that in alliance games you just get allied medal?

    Yep, should be the same as alliance games, you just get the allied medal as they are fixed teams.

    Historical map should grant you the allied medal as they are fixed teams.

    I believe the bug is just that "Defeat message", you should get the medal and the GM.




    In fact, there are also many exploits I know about, but that doesn't entitle me to use them.. I could have also done similar exploits in that combat and I could have won the combat.. But I didn't because I knew they were exploits.

    Anyway, sorry for carrying on with this conversation, I won't make any more comments about this.

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    The thing is you consider that various players from same alliance is an advantage, but I don't see it that way. I think it just makes everyone join up against us.

    In the previous game we were widely targeted, and now in a 5 players game, there's me and an ally against 3, so how is this an advantage? If we didn't have alliance tag, they wouldn't have joined against us.

    I think however you plan it out, there will always be unfair situations.. oil distribution, players joinging up agains others, betrayals, etc.

    And I'm not saying the tournament is perfect, there are a couple of things I would definitely change, but this is still a great iniciative.

    Seriously, why don't you all stop crying about alliances and things being unfair.. Supremacy is unfair! Life is unfair!

    In my previous game, I had a member of my alliance in my game, we were France and Ottoman Empire, a very bad combination to be honest. But we had players sending pm to others crying because we are from same alliance, and that everyone has to join together to attack us. Everyone is entitled to an ally as there are 2 going through. So where was our benefit in this game for being part of the alliance? I had to ally with a country that was far away and had everyone against us.

    And now, in a game of 5 players, there is 2 of us of the same alliance and the other 3 are already crying about this and joining up against us. So you cry because you are going to fight 3 of you against 2 of us? You guys are so honourable.

    And if you don't like this tournamet make suggestions to improve it if there is a next time or organize something yourselves, you don't need to be a support member to organize an event. But it's so much easier to rant than to do something about it.

    I don't think this is something you can actually ban.. It doesn't go against the game or the tornament rules.

    In a normal game, it's allowed to give away everything you have if you decide to leave the game, so I can't see why it should be any different. If you try to add rules to prevent this, people will just find ways around it.

    In my game for example, I had my neighbour give away some of his provinces to his ally and the rest to someone else.. Gave right of way, other planted troops on top of empty provinces, declared war and then back to peace.. In the meantime, I still had to fight all his troops. I'm not denouncing or blaming this player, I honestly think you should just let players get on with it.

    Games missing are:

    Game 1: 2652338

    Game 2: 2652341

    Game 3: 2652343

    Game 4: 2652346

    Game 12: 2654400

    Game 13: 2654744

    They have all finished except for game 12.

    I'm one of the leaders of that alliance, Grupo de Operaciones Maldito. We would obviously like to be spread out more too, then we would have better chances of getting more members through.. But random is random I guess. And those 4 members of my alliance all want to go through, so they will have to fight between them too.

    Being France, you are in trouble whether they are all same alliance or not.. I do think games should have peace period though. It's a must for any competitive game, even more for an individual tournament. Whoever gets a country in the middle has next to no chances of going through. Couple of days peace period allows these countries to build up a defence.

    Lastly, and my biggest complaint so far, is that the 3D icons make it EXTREMELY difficult to see a) the makeup of stacks and b) the location of stacks. In the old client I was able to see at a glance, very quickly, exactly how many tanks/arty/cars etc were in the enemy stack. Now I see a 3D model which tells me only one type of unit the enemy has, and gives me no further information without actually clicking on the stack. The little circles with numbers in them are far too small and equally unhelpful.

    Please give us an option to use the old army markers, similar to how we could use the pins from the original client in the legacy client.

    Indeed. I think this is the biggest problem.. You can't really tell what the situation is by looking at the map anymore. It just looks like a mess.

    Well, I don't agree. I don't use facebook or instagram. Not everybody uses social media.

    Besides, you can't keep the information and comunicate the same way as you do on a forum. Where would you keep the FAQ, manual, questions from users, etc. The setup is completely different.

    I don't think forums are something from the past, there are still many with millions of users. In Spain we have forocoches for example.

    Also, we can always create a link on our signature to our profile game (or use the supremacy signature that shows the latest medals, etc).

    Of course, it's something that needs to be done to keep things interesting.

    We currently have an alliance tournament in the ES server with 16 teams playing. The new forum will make it easier to organize international events.