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    If you submit a report and everything is fine with the report, they will look at it and let you KNOW that they're looking into it BUT they are NOT allowed to tell you of the outcome. IF they need more information from you, they will also let you know what they need. ALL of this correspondence is done through the email you provided AND through the system email. IF nobody is getting back to you, I suggest you send a direct message to one of the higher ups THROUGH the system email.

    As others have specified, different timezones in the world would mean that you would need different games for those different timezones. One for North America in Pacific Time, one for Central Time, another for Eastern Time, one of Mountain Time...etc...etc...etc. So you're limiting the players that could enter those games. We are ALREADY having difficulty with players remaining in games after just 2 or 3 days running.

    There is NO possible way that your entire country can transfer to ANY player in a game round. The ONLY possibility is if your country consists of ONE province and it is down around 3 percent morale it could revolt to somebody.

    There is no difference, he got confused by an ingame message apparently. There's only one kind of Goldmark. You can either buy it or watch ads for it on mobile, or so I hear.

    There IS a difference between paid for GM and GM won in games or gotten through watching videos. Bought GM can be used to help your team mates in games but Free GM cannot be used to help others, it can ONLY be used on your units, provinces or things like that.

    This is my personal opinion and not a statement from Bytro:

    Having aircraft carriers in a ww1 game is nonsense.

    Slyx, I agree with you COMPLETELY. No way should we have any kind of aircraft carrier in a WW1 game.

    NOW, how about my idea that when HT's are heading south on a board they should be able to move faster because they're going downhill? :D:D:D

    If you need to translate anything you see in a game to another language may I direct your attention to Google Translate. Non, it will not give you a 100% accurate translation but it WILL do a pretty good job so you can understand whatever is needed. All you need to do is copy and paste.

    I agree with you that racist comments in the paper are not conducive to a good game. However, I have reported many articles in games for usage of "inappropriate language" or taunts and NOT ONCE have the GO's let it go. In extreme situations where someone continues after they have been warned and their posts have been removed, that person will also be banned from a round. I would be surprised to learn that nothing was done after several days of reports.

    Err Gentlemen, before you get any ideas about the lady Nashwah, I would urge you to check her profile. She is a 13 year old girl so I doubt she's an employee of Bytro. However, with that being said, welcome to the game, Nashwah.

    Are we talking about Coalitions or Alliances? If Coalition in a game, you CANNOT invite anyone to join the coalition, they have to apply. Which means you post in the paper and ask people to join your coalition. If we're talking about an Alliance, you set the rules and can invite individual players to join or you can have players apply to your Alliance and you can accept or deny them.

    Hey bud, I had some personal problems that I dealt with but I'm back at it now so all is good. Oh, and I agree there are a lot more female players in the game, I was just pointing out the two in the Alliance. See you out there Raman.

    If you're saying you're the only female employed by Bytro labs you may be correct, however, I personally know TWO female players of the game. One is my GF and the other is a friend. BOTH of them are in the Kingsman Alliance with me.

    the only thing bytro can offer players to stay in a round is gold, maybe after a week all active players get a small amount of gold and so on till the end of the round ????

    That is one possibility although too much free Gold is not good for Bytro either. Here's another concept, bring back the Daily Spin but attach it to the game. You get one free spin a day provided you're active in the game.

    I agree we don't want to push players away from the game. The idea is to get them to enter a round and stick around instead of vanishing after a couple days. So, instead of punishing them like I intimated, perhaps we can come up with some kind of incentive to keep them in the match? This is why I think you're right in keeping the thread open Demonaire.