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    Whoa whoa whoa. I did it about a week or two back. Had 13 inf with a fort (Don't recall the level) They had higher morale than the ELEVEN 11 men coming to attack them. Set the flower with all 13. which was over an HOUR from them being attacked. First attack, I lost 7 and he lost 6. Second attack, fort destroyed and he took the city with one man left. It's been PATCHED.

    I have a screenshot from the game I would like to post as its unbelievable. I have a province that says I require 48,680,642,639 days in order to recruit one soldier. Which is over 133 million years. I'm sorry... I don't have that much time :p

    Obviously your recruiting officers aren't doing their job. I'd fire them. As for image copy, see if there is an app called Gyazo for the phone, easy to copy anything then.

    There is also another "trick" that can be implemented but it's a little harder now with "cool down" rules and that is where you have a faux war and allow your ally to take those lands from you and then come back to the coalition after the fact.

    Back to the original concept for this post. Sorry, GM should be GM whether you buy it, win it or are given it by Bytro. It's been a few years now since the whole "HEY Guys, look at this, you can help your allies with your GM." but what we then had to find out the hard way was ..."But, only if you BUY the GM." Also, seriously, you think winning 3150 GM in a 100 player game could possibly impact another game with a multi-account? If we were talking tens of thousands of GM, I could understand but do the math, 3150 after 50 days is about 63 GM per day. Not enough to make that huge a difference in any game. I re-iterate, it's still nickel and diming us.

    EDIT: no edit, i want to stress the point of commitmentless tutorials to reduce unfair learning curves.

    Excuse me, what exactly is an unfair learning curve? Also, please explain to me why I would want to volunteer playing a game that can take more than a month to play to train someone I don't even know?

    Firstly, not EVERYONE quits the tutorial map. The incentive to stay and win and get additional Goldmark for the win is already established. In fact, I don't know a lot of people who are still around that did NOT finish their tutorial maps when they started. Reality is if they don't bother finishing it, they normally move on and although their account is still listed in Bytro, we never see them again.

    As for players training under a more experienced player, that is why we have alliances. Kingsman for example makes a big issue of taking junior players and teaching them advanced tactics in playing the game. In fact, going into a game with one of our more junior players and look forward to training him a little to improve the game for him.

    On a completely different track of argument against vassalage in the game, I would have to say that we are playing in a game that takes place during the height of the Industrial Age and not during Feudal Times.

    Vassalage already exists in the game with coalitions and even some alliances.

    When a game begins, coalitions are created which means several things can happen depending on the leader.

    1. The leader can state that they are now a team and will work together to win the match. (My position, incidentally)

    2. The leader can declare himself as dictator and NOBODY is to do anything without permission or orders.

    3. The leader can institute a system whereby all other coalition players must give him resources as either a tax or whatever because that's how you get into the coalition or stay in the coalition. (In essence, vassalage)

    4. I've also seen some coalitions using members as farms for not only resources but even for land.

    Basically, this game can be almost anything you like but the onus is on the players.

    Yep, you're expected to create a FP game and if you don't do it they remove you as a FP, However, don't fret, in a day or two they'll bug you to join it again.

    A match I am in at the moment we had a player that was easily seen to be a multi-account. Neighbouring countries moving troops out of the way, allowing him to move in and take provinces and capitals with no losses. Tickets got submitted and less than 24 hours, the GOs removed the offending players from the match.

    Well done, guys and gals.

    BUT, the main reason for this post is simply to say a Thank You. Without the generous help of volunteers in the game, it would be a much harder time for all of us, so once again, I say THANK YOU because you guys don't hear that enough!!!:):):)