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    So, here's a new one.

    Playing an Event game and have an army of 50 inf and 2 HT's stuck . Can't move them, can't split them and if you try and drag them you get a "Server state different than Client state." BTW, has been going on for over 3 hours now. Here's a couple of screenshots to show what I'm talking about.

    and if you try to split them this comes up

    Oh, I have reported it and expect it to be resolved but it is annoying. Takes a whole army out of play for awhile.

    There may be another reason that Bytro is not willing to do an Arab server. They would set a precedent where suddenly they'd be inundated with requests for a "Canadian Server" (I'm Canadian) and an "American Server", a "British Server", a "French-Canadian Server", a "French Server", etc. etc. etc...

    Okay, click on my name and then Recent Activity, scroll down until you see where I replied to "Fire at will! - Patch Notes July 10, 2019" and click on it from there.

    Forgive me but I find this claim somewhat difficult to believe.

    Also be aware that not ALL maps allow the Admin function. Yes, you may be the Admin but in the 100 and 500 player games if you try and use the function it tells you that it is disabled for that map. When you CAN use it, please use it properly.

    Good one J and let's not forget There, They're, and Their. A lot of people usually get those mixed up.

    As for than and then, one is comparitive and the other is time.

    e.g. I'd rather have coffee than tea. Or I'd rather have a coffee and then a tea.

    Okay guys and gals,

    I'm trying not to become one of "those people" but there are two mistakes that just set my teeth on edge. It may be because I'm a writer.

    Loose and lose. Many people use the word loose when they mean lose. They are both words in the English language with completely different meanings.

    e.g. He's going to lose his dog if he doesn't keep him on a leash. Let loose the dogs of war! OR The knots were loose so he slipped out of them easily.

    Moral and morale. Again two words in the English language with completely different meanings.

    e.g. The moral of the story is good triumphs over evil. The morale of the troops made the difference in winning the battle.

    There are other examples of words being mistaken but these two especially are annoying. :)

    Careful Hastings TNT, wading into this discussion may not be wise. Gentlemen, please be aware that Hastings TNT is a moderator and as such he can't do anything about this problem. In fact, he's as much a victim of this mess as the rest of us. The ONLY ones that can answer our questions are the developers and Bytro management, and as I said to Lost, I don't think we should be holding our breath. :rolleyes:

    The main question, assuming Bytro really doesn't care at all, is why then, pray tell, why then even mess with this stuff at all when it's working fine? Dear Jesus Christ WHY? Why can this company be bothered to roll out overhauls like this but not to consider any sort of feedback? How on earth does that make sense? If they're that disinterested, just stay the hell away from all this then and we would have been fine. There's so much other stuff they could spend resources on, instead they do this! There's just no rhyme or reason to it whichever way you look at it.

    I have a theory that I just came up with. SO, let's say you have a group of artillery going through enemy territory and you decide you're going to put them on aggressive. You get distracted either with the war or with RL and when you come back you notice you're under attack by either another player or an AI or several because of your aggressive setting. SO, instead of losing your artillery group, you begin spending GM to try and save them. Build a fort or build some RGs real quick in a nearby city, or build some planes, etc. In other words make you spend GM in order to save your stuff and/or your game. It's just a theory though on the reason for change to the Aggressive setting.

    Yep, sure enough someone showed up to deal with the language, now, let's see if anyone will respond to the main question. WHY did you change the aggressive setting algorithym and ARE you going to change it back to what it was? Inquiring minds want to know because it's pretty well useless right now.