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    Ah, and here's the icing on the cake. My coalition which consisted of CuriousSquirrel and I won the game at the end of the timer, however, contrary to rules mentioned in the DE. We got 0 GM for a coalition win. :cursing::cursing::cursing::thumbdown:

    Err, I already KNOW you have the same issues, LOL. However, I posted an article in the paper of our game mentioning that it really is nothing more than a game of survival. 10x speed. Here I thought, this will be great, can build a great a large army....have a ton of fun....yeah, those thoughts went down the drain fast.

    Okay, this event must have been created by a very sadistic developer. I started as Germany and when the game began the ONLY resource not in negative production was silver. ALL the others were negative and not just a little, most were hundreds per hour. Part of the reason is probably because there are NO double resource provinces in the round. The other, I haven't figured out yet. But here's the clincher. My grain production was -326 and I took Paris - Capital of France which also is a grain province. What do you think happened? WRONG. My grain production went to -341. Anyone care to explain?:cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Okay, let's understand the reality from a Corporate point of view. The ultimate goal of a corporation is to increase profits which means doing ANYTHING that will decrease profit is "Verboten". Bottom line is we have non-GM users which are little more than cannon fodder for GM whales. We have GM whales that think nothing of spending hundreds and some even thousands of dollars on a single round. If you find yourself in a game with one of them, pray that all they know is how to buy the toys because you can increase your stats by outplaying them. You will NOT win the game but you may win the battles.

    IF we are lucky, Bytro will bring in advertisers and that may offset the amount of money spent by GM users to the point where you have a chance to win the game against a whale. Otherwise, the only thing Bytro will want regarding GM is for the users to buy MORE. Simple really, anything that we bring up that would LIMIT people spending money is immediately discarded.

    Actually Elite AI are far less likely to give you ROW now. In the past, I granted ROW and had to wait 2 to 3 days and then they'd grant it. I'm playing a game with Elite AI right now, in day 13 and NONE of them has given ROW yet.

    Simple answer: The single biggest complaint from new players was how slow the game is and they were telling their friends. Ergo, make the tutorial fast to get more players subscribing because those are the numbers they're focusing on. I predict that we'll be getting ads for revenue shortly and the ONLY number they're concerned with is the number of subscribers.

    Just my humble Opinion... but I am thinking that this could possibly be the reason Furry1 goes to bed at peace with AI and wakes up at war with AI.... someone sent one inf unit into range of his 'arty' units that are set on Aggressive fire mode, to intentionally cause the war due to splash damage...

    Actually it hasn't happened to me because I never leave units on aggressive anymore when I leave the game but it is a drawback now for everyone. Boris, I agree, we can find a "work around" but I'm still curious to know who and WHY someone thought this change would be a GOOD idea? Anyone, in fact, could you please explain to me WHY this change is a positive change?

    The "new" aggressive mode is effectively useless especially with elite AI in the mix. You can set your units on aggressive and be in your own and enemy territory as you go to bed, but, during the night, some AI units might move into range of your aggressive units and voila, you wake up to find you're in an unwanted war because of it.

    I agree 100% with Lost...ROLL IT BACK!

    Stop fixing things that are NOT broke!

    I'm dying to see SOMEONE come forward and claim they asked for this "new" aggressive mode and explain WHY they wanted it.

    We need to come up with a reasonable plan to keep the game monetized but without penalizing players who have spent YEARS in learning the intricacies of the game getting crushed by GM Whales.

    I know for a fact that we have lost a number of very good players in the last 12 months who have quit because the game has become a "pay to win" situation.

    A GM cap per day or per round would be the first step in trying to address the problem.

    There is nothing more frustrating than playing a 100 or 500 round and taking months to build and nurture your forces only to see them crushed by someone willing to spend 100s of dollars and wipe you out. The big problem is when you've spent years to develop a reasonable set of stats and see them destroyed in a day or two. THAT is what makes people leave the system permanently.

    The idea of using advertising instead of GM purchases as the primary source of monetization is only good provided subscriber base increases but right now we're seeing a steady decline because of the OVERUSE of GM.

    A lot of good ideas have been mentioned here but what we need now is some ACTION to be taken before it's too late. At the moment it seems that nobody is paying any attention to this problem.

    Unit trading can be a very useful tactic for a coalition to use against "some" players and should be instituted again. Also, when a person is leaving a round because they had an emergency or work or some other reason it would be good to be able to give their mech units to one of their team mates. Elite AI for all games is useful because now it will affect your stats with all the wars. It ALSO will change a lot of tactics that some players have been using against "dumb" AI.

    This goes into the same category of achievements not being put forth. The difference is it deals with promotions. I, probably like everyone else, enjoy receiving notifications of promotions but with this new system there are NO notifications. I just went from General to Field Marshall and the ONLY way I found out is I noticed popped up under my name. To be blunt, that SUCKS. Come on Bytro, get with it, at least do some kind of notification even if it's only a bloody email to let you know.

    Oh and as a little extra, I was just checking my stats and found out that almost a month ago I received ANOTHER Player of the Week ribbon. Would have been nice to know that back in January when it was awarded.

    Similar to a lot of the people in Supremacy, I am finding it very difficult to play the game in this new graphic intensive environment. I'm sure if I were to go out and spend 5K for a gaming computer, it would be fine, however I have no plans on doing that.

    The 3D graphics look great and I'm sure the developers spent considerable time and effort in getting things looking so good, however, sacrificing playability for moving water is not the way to go.

    Like other people here, I STRONGLY urge Bytro to continue with Legacy mode being available because I guarantee if that mode goes away I shall close my account. From a business decision I realize that Bytro is trying to encourage new users to join but it might be wise to consider how many users will be lost IF Legacy Mode is abandoned.

    Once again, PLEASE do NOT abandon Legacy Mode.