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    You are going to see all kinds of tricks being used in games. If you suspect someone of doing what is known as "account pushing" report them and let the GOs handle it. Same with multi-accounting or any other infraction that violates TOS.

    Sorry guy but I suggest you try the 100p or 500p games instead at least you get a pretty solid base of players hanging around until the end. You get a lot of newbie players that join a game just to get the points and others who are multi-accounts that get scared of being found out. It's been a problem since day one and there's nothing that can be done about it. Every game you join is a dice roll as to whether you're fighting people or computers.

    My other suggestion is get a bunch of people together and join a game, that way you can be relatively sure they're there to play.

    Okay, here's ANOTHER example of Forts not mattering anymore...with pictures.

    That picture shows what happened after the first attack by 5 men of an AI nation against 2 men with HIGH morale in a level 5 fort. As you can see, I lost 1 man and the AI lost NOTHING. OH, and both the morale of the 2 men was boosted using GM that was purchased AND the fort was built to level 5 with GM as well.

    THAT image shows what happened AFTER an hour and the second attack went in. NOBODY lost ANYTHING.

    I didn't bother making another image after the 3rd attack because the AI took the city along with what I suspect is now a level 5 fort for THEM. The reason I didn't bother making an image is because I sent in a report and I was FURIOUS. Why buy GM? Why build forts? They're useless right now, even against the AI!!!


    So, I had 56 infantry, 2 artillery, 2 Heavy tanks, 5 Cavalry in a level 5 fort and was attacked by 10 artillery firing from a road. I took damage to the fort and workshop and lost 1 artillery piece. I REMEMBER being inside a level 5 fort and firing artillery with impunity because the fort needed to be taken down before the ones inside being damaged. OH, and just to prove it was not a fluke. I also had 2 artillery inside another level 5 fort and had 3 artillery destroy both artillery pieces with no damage to the infantry and cavalry accompanying them. b78//+:cursing::cursing:

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been subject to this but it's true both in life and in this game. Be careful of who you trust.

    In this game, my trust goes First with my girlfriend who also plays the game, then I trust my Alliance mates because we would NEVER go against each other. ALL others have to EARN my trust in any match.

    Actually, I'm not sure who it was that mentioned it, but recently it was announced that there is no longer a penalty for not declaring war. Whether it's a surprise attack OR a declaration of war has no impact on your morale either way.


    Les nouvelles mises à jours sont mauvaises pour le jeu, vous êtes clairement en train de détruire la communauté de joueurs fidéles qui jouaient et qui étaient investit dans le jeu. Notamment avec la suppression du hit and run , et ce pour favoriser les personnes mettant de l'argent dans le jeu, car après tout, c'est tout ce qui importe, difficile de lutter contre les mass gmeur à présent. Il existe toujours des techniques viables mais je suppose qu'elles seront suprimées elles également par la suite. Juste pour vous dire que tout ceci est une honte, et que globalement la communauté trouve cela abbérant. Si votre objectif est de faire de supremacy un jeu ou celui qui a la plus grosse ... gagne à tout les coups, vous allez perdre votre communauté active de vrai joueurs investit.

    Bien cordialement

    To sum that up in a nutshell for you. He is saying that the new updates are ruining the game for people who don't spend GM or want to buy GM to play the game. Particularly with the removal of HnR or Shoot and Scoot you don't leave anyone tools with which they've enjoyed and may be able to beat someone who spends lots. He says you're turning the game into "Who has the biggest...."....(I'm assuming wallet) wins and you're destroying the community of REAL players in the game.

    Actually HNR is not a big issue because you can use a sacrificial stack of inf to attract fire and then move in, fire on the stack and pull back out again, it's just a matter of working with the 1 hour hit rate. There is also another method which I shall refrain from discussing on here. Anyway, continued good gaming everyone.

    Gentlemen and ladies, I suggest that the inquiry by the OP has been answered and I don't think discussion about multi accounts can be fruitful for anyone here. ESPECIALLY discussions about potential ways to get around the anti-cheat. Jus' sayin'.