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    Basically, what Hastings said. Legacy mode is what it is and we can expect no support from Bytro on anything that's happening in that mode EVEN if it is also happening in the new UI mode as well. However, even WITH the bugs, I still not only prefer Legacy mode, it's a dealbreaker for me if it disappears.

    Actually, technically, it's not a time line like the international date line. What it is, in fact is the STITCH line where developers stitched the map together graphically to form a map larger than could be used graphically on the system or displays that they were initially developed on. We had to do this many times for various images especially if stretched out over a screen that was 1:3 aspect ratio.

    Okay, going to weigh in here a little. My background is from pioneering Computer Graphics going all the way back to CGA and onwards. We were working with state of the art platforms which included graphics cards and sound cards developed by stand alone companies who developed that hardware based on input from us and others like us. We were working with prototype graphic cards that were worth tens of thousands of dollars. (In today's money that would easily be hundreds of thousands of dollars) However, with all of that, we had a MANTRA that we lived by. EVERYTHING we developed had to work on the LOWEST common denominator....a PC that was basic graphics out of the box. If it didn't work on that, the program or application as you now call it was USELESS because it cut out a huge number of users who simply could not or did not want to spend huge dollars to upgrade their computer to handle things that were simply "pretty".

    I STRONGLY suggest that Bytro take a long, hard look at things they're doing BEFORE implementing and releasing them on their customers which are now generally perceived as nothing more than what we used to call "Beta Testers".

    Why not do the same type of thing that happens with Frontline Pioneers - having to rejoin after a set period of time?

    In this instance, give them 3 games. If they join and drop out after 3 games in a row, the account is deleted and they have to create a new one if they want to continue. Some are just doing it with multi-accounts so they "gain experience" and can bring those accounts into bigger games.

    I'm still a little on the fence about it but I would surely be interested in testing out a different implementation of the railway. Generally I'm always in favor of keeping things as simple as possible in this game because that's a main part of its appeal and I think the modifier instead of equalized speeds serves that purpose. But who knows. Improving a system like that and testing it out is what creative developers and beta testers exist for, right. Dot, dot, dot...

    LR, I think you've forgotten that Bytro has a ton of Beta testers. We all go into action the moment a new update is announced. :( In fact, I now know what a lab rat feels like.

    Been playing for 5 years and only do the 500maps theses days., with just over two months to go there is not enough time to play another round. So it time to say good bye to an old friend. I have tried to play the new UI many times but can't stand it one bit. It had an empty feel to it, thanks Bjesus legacy was still available. At least I will save some money now. Ciao BYTRO

    Not sure if I've played against you Zoetic, you're not the first to already leave and I guarantee you will not be the last. Take care, friend.

    can we create new game? SupremacyLegacy and everyone who wants will be able to migrate account there?

    everyone's happy : old players, new players, bytro finances

    Sort of like Coke and Coke Classic. Good idea and perhaps you (Bytro) may want to check into the marketing story behind that before immediately saying NO. When Coke changed their formula and then brought back the old one it has become a legend about whether it was their biggest blunder or their biggest brilliant idea now.

    And then with the revamp and the mobile version: boom, the game got its second wind and is now bigger than ever.

    Well of COURSE with the mobile version the player base will grow! The numbers you SHOULD be looking at is how many players are STAYING with Bytro if they have to play it solely on mobile. Legacy mode on mobile was a nightmare but with a little time devoted to it by Bytro it would have worked and been easy for ANYONE with a mobile device to run efficiently instead of now taking a chance on running a game turning your phone into a brick.

    OH, and one more little question. Now that you've made your decision will you be refunding unused Goldmarks to the people closing their accounts at the end of the year?