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    The bottom line is this: It's not about resistance to change, it's about playability and usability. I'm in one 500 game right now where two members of our team simply cannot select their armies on mobile devices. They DISAPPEAR on them. In addition to that, the amount of processor and RAM required for a 500 game in the new UI overheats devices. Incidentally, with an Intel processor, it will most likely shut down and be fine but with some AMD processors it will actually FRY it. (probably not a good idea to be playing a game that can kill your computer.) I have several different computers that I play Supremacy on and although 500 games will lag a little as they get into late game mode, it still works WELL.

    As was stated earlier, keep Legacy alive UNTIL you get bugs worked out with the new version and you will do a lot better. If not, you will lose a lot of the old guard and then you will lose newbies because they can't play it solely on mobile. Choice is yours.

    Err...guys, I was being sarcastic. Moving water was the last thing we wanted or needed. Just gobbles up graphics resources to show it for no reason.

    Ah yes, we sacrificed the dots that allowed us to play the game better because we were screaming that we wanted MOVING water in our games. I remember that now. b78//+

    In defense of the Flower Bouquet it can easily be summarized as a tactical move known as breaking a large force into a group of multiple fire teams raining down fire on a large force from many different positions and ranges. It is also the only known tactic to effectively deal with the wedge offensive. Ergo, this Flower Bouquet in reality is not an exploit and should never have been viewed as such.

    Are we ever going to see a return of NAMES for Battleships and Railguns? We see them in the paper but they're NO longer listed on the items.

    ALSO, we were promised something would replace the "Daily Spin" Are we ever going to see this addressed.

    Oh, and one more thing, we were promised that something would be done regarding NOTIFICATION of achievements like Rank promotions, medals, badges, and ribbons. Are we going to see this fixed at any time in the future?


    Actually, your example were Seaplane carriers which were very different animals from the Aircraft carriers of WW 2. Since those seaplanes were only able to be used in a reconnaissance mode, technically you already have that capability with balloons in the water.

    There are many units missing from Supremacy such as machine gun units which would be major for defensive purposes. Heavy and light artillery units. Shock troops, Barrage balloons, destroyers, to name a few. Oh, and let's not forget the miners digging tunnels to lay mega explosive charges to blow up enemy positions from underground.

    In any case, I think you're beating a dead horse. I suspect your chances of seeing an Aircraft carrier are as good as when I request that Heavy tanks should be allowed to move faster when traveling south on a map because they're heading downhill. :):):)

    So far I've discovered TWO if not THREE.

    First, when giving units orders they disappear from the screen for 1 to 2 seconds. When giving an attack order, own units disappear and when you select the target, IT disappears also. Very JARRING.

    Second, there is no longer a display of cannonballs going when bombarding.

    Third. Had 2 fighters attack a battleship. NO damage to battleship and NO damage to fighters. Also had a situation with a stack of 47 INF, 16 Artillery, 3 Armored Cars attack a stack of 23 INF, 5 Artillery, 2 Heavy Tanks and got ZERO kills.

    Please FIX what has been broken with this latest update!!! :cursing::cursing::cursing: