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    Hello there,

    Since coalitions have become such an important part of every game, I think it's a good idea to add a new map mode filter for them. This can be useful for mobile users especially in larger maps since its sometimes harder to see who is in which coalition. This will provide a new perspective on the world map and everyone can stay informed without looking up each individual nation in a coalition.

    It will also make explaining what is going on easier ;)

    They do, its just a lot slower like the good old days.

    I actually prefer it because it makes it more satisfying when you have large quantity of artillery. Its kinda rewarding to see barrage of artillery stack that you worked so hard on creating throughout the game.

    NVM thought this was about S1914, sorry

    Check the Newspaper! you get detailed reports of what happened with hours and stuff.

    Thing is though that when you attack an AI they instantly send troops from other provinces to defend the one you are attacking. When you were away that is most likely what happened. I think your troops defeated the original AI stack that was there which is why their losses where not displayed correctly.

    As for being idle, your infantry has both attack and defense stats. When someone attacks your infantry/stack and they are idle they will only use defensive damage. You can instruct them to attack and you should see the cooldown of their attack.

    This is how its supposed to work btw. For example: if you have a stack of troops with Armoured Cars in them you want to keep them idle and not attack the enemy. While idle your Armoured Cars will only use defensive stats, which is 2x more than their attack. If you instruct them to attack however, you will see that your Armoured Cars will get destroyed faster and deal less damage.

    Thanks a lot Raman02334 ! Missing things like these are kinda embarresing and editing takes way longer than I ever expected so thank you for helping me out.

    Idk how I can add this in detail under YT description so ill make sure to post a link for this thread as well. I want to make a small video in near future to give some tips and look back at mistakes I made and correct them. Do you mind if I mention/show your feedback / name? (credit where credit is due)

    BTW, shameless marketing: Just posted new video playthrough, its less "factual" so might not be as interesting but hope it helps

    Well done for beginners. For global popularity can give RoW or share to Ai(or with HC share Intel to some ppl do it). Next is how close you are to them and if they feel that are enemy to them by have to strong Military and to many lands it will drop(fear of you country). To make up can also embargo they top 5 most dreaded nation and of course 5k for 5k small trades. Have a share map with 5 most dreaded nation will also drop they popularity. If drops around 38-35% will get embargo for they AI(some can give embargo at 50% or even 40%). Have it under 20 to under 10 if are next to them will declare war on you(can also happen at 30% but most declare at 14%,if more 1 AI next you happen have 5 wars. finish will bring you next one declaring on and so on,best option if we're low kill AI next to you).On 1 500 4x speed map I test have at last 2 day over 20 AI declaring on me almost all around 14% global popularity. You can add this in next video if you want,

    Good luck and have fun!

    Wow thanks! Ive been playing so long that I often neglect popularity, I will make sure to include this once I make an episode about the AI. I gotta ask tho, is there element of randomness involved? Because in a lot of cases when I leave small AI within my boarders (mostly only Capital) they dont care when im at war with 5 countries orso (although I rarely pay attention to popularity)

    The videos are great and maybe tell the beginners how to trade on stock market and balance their resources would be great

    Thanks! I want to do that but im struggling with figuring out how to explain it well. It usually depends on individual circumstances and maps so for now im just shoving few tips in wherever I can.

    I am also trying to record the game in the background tho to explain my thinking process. I mention everything I buy/sell and why I do/dont do it so hopefully that will be more helpful.

    what about teaching basics of market, spies and how to save money and resources from spies, and war tutorial (teaching exploits upto you but what I want is teaching how to choose enemies and how defend provinces/costs, how to use each unit. How to take down forts-with or without ranged units- damage caps, how to make strategies and their implementation etc.)

    Decoding Daily European (newspaper).

    And many more

    Ehh.... I know it looks weird 😁.

    Thanks, just kinda did that now :D I made a tutorial on menu options/tools but i plan on expanding on specific topics as i go along. I'm also recording the game i play for these tutorials so i can get some shots of actual decision making, planning and troop organization. Im sure i made few mistakes in this one tho so feel free to bash it

    Thanks for feedback! I put a correction in the description/captions, should probably start doublechecking myself :D

    Honestly, this is a great idea. I know when I first started, I was browsing forum posts and YouTube videos to get the mechanics down and better understanding overall of the game. Good stuff.

    Just remember a large part of the community are mobile users too, but I am sure they can figure out much from this video.

    Thanks! means a lot

    I want to add the mobile screen on the side to explain the differences, but need to find a better editor than windows video editor :D

    Hey, this is off topic so I guess im at the right place.

    I just made my first tutorial for absolute beginners, the quality is shit, contenct is unstructured and a lot is missing. I just want to give new players basic info to start any game, so any feedback you have will be appriciated (especially on mistakes that new players make).

    I wanna make more videos on specific topics like spies, stock market, war basics, buildings, units, sea battles and so on. If you have been around for a while, let me know if you think this kind of content is helpful.