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    Honestly, this is a great idea. I know when I first started, I was browsing forum posts and YouTube videos to get the mechanics down and better understanding overall of the game. Good stuff.

    Just remember a large part of the community are mobile users too, but I am sure they can figure out much from this video.

    Thanks! means a lot

    I want to add the mobile screen on the side to explain the differences, but need to find a better editor than windows video editor :D

    Hey, this is off topic so I guess im at the right place.

    I just made my first tutorial for absolute beginners, the quality is shit, contenct is unstructured and a lot is missing. I just want to give new players basic info to start any game, so any feedback you have will be appriciated (especially on mistakes that new players make).

    I wanna make more videos on specific topics like spies, stock market, war basics, buildings, units, sea battles and so on. If you have been around for a while, let me know if you think this kind of content is helpful.