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    I know a company needs money to operate. But they can do other things to earn money. Like advertisements, or spend money on making your army have nicer looking soldiers or so.

    I might finish the game i started (by the way I was in a Red vs Blue game,...and really after day 2, more then 70% of people became computers...really fucked up game) but I think I stop it after that... its just too frustrating.

    I have been playing the game for a little while. And I noticed some players suddenly have loads of armies. And I was thinking, what am I doing wrong. Am I following the wrong building proces, do I spend to much on defence or railroads?

    But I found out, it was nothing of all that. It was money. I did not spend money on the game.

    To be honest, now I realise this. I start to dislike the game. It is like having a swimming contest, and being the one swimming upstream, while some are allowed to swim downstream. And then at the end they see who won. Sure, you can try, and if that other guy is really stupid, you might win...but, it's not probable.

    What a sad world this is.....