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    How is province moral calculated at the end of the day and is there a limit for the rate of increase? For example I have a occupied a new province with morale 15. I get a province order bonus of 35. I also build a propaganda office which grants 40 moral boost. Should the morale the next day not be 90?

    The value is there for balance I assume. It forces you to invest in buildings in order to increase the moral. On the other hand it lets moral rise to a certain level slowly for free. I guess it's there to force investments in later stages of the game.

    The province order is the difference from 50 to your moral. If your moral is like 60 than your province order is -10. If your moral is 40 then the order is 10. It's a value that keeps dragging your moral to 50 either way.

    I believe it has to do with the size and the resources of a starting country. Smaller countries get a small advantage. Those countries can very dangerous as the stack of flamethrowers goes through your starting units easily!

    I understand if the buildings are damaged or some are gone, but all of them no matter if there was fighting or not. That does not make sense. removes a whole lot of gameplay and strategy.

    So essentially you can't win the game unless you attack. Which I guess is the point of the game. I am not sure if new players know that since many of them are very passive.

    I can see how new players have issues with the game:

    a) it's very slow; which is by design and I like as I have RL

    b) the tutorial on game mechanics is very short

    c) building options are very limited - what about roads instead of railways so you have a more gradual upgrade curve

    d) moral is very hurting game play right now

    e) unit recovery is almost non exist

    f) capturing provinces now does not seem to brig any improvements as buildings disappear (destroyed?) and that makes the game even slower

    g) unit production is also too slow to make the game engaging

    h) naval warfare makes no sense as implemented

    My opinion is that the games needs to have more in-between achievements so people stick around. The game needs a bit for Heart of Iron IMHO.

    I am occupying various provinces. They show some buildings but when I get there they disappear. I understand there can be damage from fighting but to have them all just disappear seems wrong. This even happens without significant fighting.b78//+