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    6 players confirmed, 4 places remaining.

    Update on game 1: getting to the finish line.

    1 player is out already

    2 players are around with 1 province left and looking for ways to NOT die first. Because the first person to die loses more ranking points :)

    And then there is a 3 player "alliance' who will probably gang up on lonely britain

    but i don't understand your first reply :/

    why would any supremacy 1914 player be required to enter a game I organise?

    With that reasoning, you would be equally required as MeWoodson to enter it?

    Where is the link?

    ? I think every player is free to join or not?

    MeWoodson, easyG, Golden Frieeza added to "interested in the future" list

    bobokil: added to playerlist, 5 spaces remaining

    6 (7?) years ago I started a Players League at Supremacy1914.

    It was an interesting concept, which ended a bit premature due to various circumstances. Recently I rejoined supremacy and noticed a lack of competitive games. So I felt it was time to start a Ladder Ranking once again :)

    First game is currently in progress: 2582278

    I am currently searching for players who want a shot at the 2d game.

    Basic settings will be:

    - NOT a gold round game

    - random country selection

    - 10 player Europe map

    - no peace period

    - pasword protected

    - no coalitions

    Profile of players we are looking for

    - active

    - sportmanship

    - competitive spirit

    => therefor, the ranking games are accesible by invite only

    => If you are interested, reply here or send me a message.

    Currently confirmed for 2d ranking game:

    - malskaer

    - macdouwe

    - Icarusgr *if it is NOT a gold round game

    - PeshMeten

    - bobokil

    - CubeWarEmp

    - Steveman6789

    - King_Max

    - Demonaire

    - Average13Joe

    Currently interested, but not yet confirmed

    Currently interested, but no time at this moment. But indicated to be contacted again at a later date

    - Vinnie81

    - easyG

    - Golden Frieeza (500 player games)

    - MeWoodson

    - BramHampston (mainly interested in 100-500 player games)

    If Bytro loses 5-20% revenue from Golden Wars as you call it, then it is not a problem?

    I would estimate it alot higher, more towards 50%. Let's say 50%

    Small playerbase => revenue as it is now

    Change system, aim for a playerbase that is 20x higher => let's take a low estimate: 5x higher playerbase

    Revenue X playerbase X revenueloss per game = revenue X 5 X 0.5 = revenue goes up by at least factor 2.5

    Frieza, you post alot of text, but what is the point you want to adress?

    you state that players who want to use GM's are excluded from playing with users that have advanced knowledge => please read my previous post again.

    My idea actually allow every possibility of this occuring:

    - competitive players who do not want to use real money to buy GM or to buy High Command, will have to play in "regular" games to earn GM. And they have to play good, because you get more GM's by winning. Meaning these competitive players have to use their best strategies to get those free GM's

    - the players who normally use GM during a game ,can always use 5000 GM to play a 'no GM during the game' with the competitive players

    So there are 2 very likely options for the exact thing you want to happen.

    Currently, there are 0 likely options for this to happen. Because currently competitive players have no reason to stay around.

    actually, make it simple?

    keep the current model.

    But on TOP of the current model, you create a true skill based ranking system.

    For the ranking system, you only earn points when you play in a goldmark round = paying 5000GM per person.

    But IN the game itself, GM use is impossible.

    This keeps the "easy money" system going & keeps the "i have fun paying and using GM so leave me alone"


    competitive players have an easy method of having what they want.

    Competitive players have 3 options:

    1) get high command to avoid the GM fee for competitive games.

    2) play "open games" to earn free GM to be able to pay for the entry fee for the competitive games

    3) buy GM's to pay for the entry fee for competitive game

    AFTER this, you can still have alot of continuous improvements of paying a bit extra for god knows whats.

    But, you will have permanently eliminated the irritation for competitive players about so called GM "abuse"


    1) my apology for the misspeling of your username :)

    You are only talking about 1 specific tiny aspect of this game, the large longtime games.

    I keep indicating that I am discussing about the generalistic view.

    As long as that difference isn't clear, it is difficult to make any progress.

    I agree with your opinion being valid for the specific niche you play in.

    But not for the niche I play in :)

    Any 10/15/31playermap in which someone gets a stack of 250 heavy tanks is, well, bloody weird => that is my niche