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    I'm late to the party. But after being afk for a loooong time, the GM discussion is still the same as years ago.

    Supremacy is a unique game with a huge potential.

    It has a bug attraction for high quality RTS Gamers.

    And those players do start with Supremacy 1914. But as long as a pay-to-win scheme is possible, those playrs will leave again sooner or later.

    You do not need alot of GM to enjoy an easy win.

    => Use GM in every way that is NOT causing a pay-to-win.

    Alot of games do this. And nobody minds.

    LoL, Mushroom wars, Fortnite, ....

    I do feel that with the intended switch to the mobile platforms, there is a much bigger opportunity to get away from the pay-to-win GM system and start with a pay-for-looks/fun GM system

    REMOVE the option to pick custom made flags/pictures for free

    With your game result, you get a "Treasure Chest". Winning-2dplace-3d place: better chest.

    Start with Treasure Chests (but give them a fancy WWI name)

    Have them open in 48 hours

    With GM you can open them faster

    the chests contain pieces of "Great Leaders/Kings/...". collet pieces of to complete the hero. A hero gives you a small bonus. e.g. 5% extra oil or whatever. 5% is a huge advantage in a long game

    the chests contain skins, flags, ...

    Set up a "shop" where you can buy skins pices, hero pieces, flags, ...

    Want a personal flag or picture: pay with GM

    Coalitions: pay with GM

    set up a competitive S14 scene. S14 organisation: entry fee = 0 GM

    Allow persons to set up their own tournaments, but they have to pay GM to organise a tournament.

    and on and on and ...