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    Admittingly there were few and ww1 was not a naval war unlike ww2. The only major naval battle was Jutland in 1916. But still he is right. But by the time of ww1 they more or less ineffective considering it was a tactic from before the Romans arrived. This was in part due to the range of new ships like Dreadnaughts, submarines (although they were invented during the American Revolution), and advanced Battleships.

    Okay while admittingly this is more WW2 that WW1 they are changing the game so...

    My idea is that there is essentially a seabased version of assault infantry. It is identical to them except that it is extremely fast in the water and does higher damage to ships. They could also go on land and from there they would be about as fast as an armored car level 1. So while slower on land they would be effective for countries like the US in the 1914 Supremacy 1 map or the Fall of Empires one too.

    I don't quite agree with the AI problem. AI's (at least in my opinion) are the things you go for right away on the first couple days. Sort of like how you do it with revolting provinces. While I understand where you come from I like them the way they are. Maybe a slight buff on their strength would not be bad but nothing major (ie day 1 AI's have assault infantry).