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    I love the game and will play as long as i can play old Legacy. After that i guess that the new mode is fully working, and i will give it a good run and cross my fingers. :) I trust that you all have a lot of game creating experience and aim to an end result that i just can´t say no to. ;)
    It´s hard for me to see that now because i just started to play Supreme and really love the game. I don´t know how many times i have read the Manual and the Mechanics just to understand all aspects of the game. Hard to accept the changes now, but probably a year from now i still play Supremacy and wont even remember that old silly ugly version of the game i used to play.

    Future is always future. I´ll run as long as i can. :)

    Hi! Thanks for a great game.
    I am a new player. I discovered this game a little bit more than a month ago thanks to the Great War channel that i have followed for a long time. I must say i love this game so muck that i have put some money in it and tried to enlist friends to join Supremacy 1914. I love strategy games and this game has a good feeling for it.
    When the new Legacy dropped on me i panicked and was nearly dropping out of the game. I was greatly relieved when i found the button to the old Legacy mode and played on. Thanx for that. :)

    Since then i have tried and tested the new Legacy mode with the idea that i may get used to it. But i don´t.
    I play Strategy games. I don´t really care about graphic. I care about control over my options, have a clear view of the game and that the layout represent the theme of the game. What does not work for me in the new mode is ...

    • i don´t have a clear view over game and especially the troops in the game. (Witch is essential for all strategy games.)
    • the graphics and layout does´t reflect that i´m playing a ww1 game. It gives more of the feeling of playing a cool fast futuristic game. In my eyes it´s a very good, well worked graphic & very well done .... but for another theme.

    You have a wonderful game, and i´m sorry to find it now and not earlier. I will continue play this game for a while longer, until the old Legacy mode exists no more.

    I understand that you want to adapt to the mobile phone market, it´s a greater market on the rise. But i hope that you will keep the core player with you. My experience of Strategy games on mobile phones gives a lot of registrations, but few that walks the miles. Strategy games is a nerd thing. Those gamers often plays the same game for years and wants to meet other good player and rise to the challenge. They are normally not the typical fast clicking Phone generation person that the new UI attracts. So therefore it´s my sad guess that you will loose a lot of your core player.
    But you have done a remarkably good work with the new UI adapting to Android, and i guess (and hope) that you will win in a lot of new users for your game instead.

    As a newbie i must say that the more i learned about this game, the more i love it. I am sorry to say that i will not be around when the old Legacy stops to work. I will try to find a similar game that i can play and i will try to enlist friends to that game. Supremacy gave me a good taste and now i want more.
    I wish for Christmas that you will announce that you will never remove the old Legacy, and that there will be an option to play only against other Strategy gamers that wants to play Supremacy for the same reasons as me.

    Thanks for a tremendous work.