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    I have absolutely no idea what you just said in all of that.

    Bombing an area as opposed to a specific target is a different mechanic I would say. If you're worried about that adding to the OP part (hitting multiple stacks inside the bombing area), then just lower the damage they deal.

    OR, give all planes a set time they can fly in the air/amount of ammo they carry before needing to land and re-arm and then you could change target whenever you wanted without them automatically returning to base. They'd only do that when their fuel/ammo is spent.

    The list of possibilities is endless.

    And people have been asking for AA guns for years but like most things, we've never got them.

    So in my opinion, there have always been tactical issues regarding the use of planes and how overpowered they can be in large numbers and the infamous split trick which almost makes the planes redundant when used.
    I personally think there's a much needed update for the planes really.

    Could we not have it where the fighters cannot bomb ground targets, instead they are just used to patrol the skies (to protect the bombers).
    As for the bombers, could it be possible to have them bomb an area as opposed to a specific target? This would eliminate the cheap split trick while still giving the other player a chance to get their units out of the bombing area (when long range bombing anyway).

    Would something like this be possible? Or am I the only one that finds the current problems with planes annoying?

    I see the bug that causes the sliders to freeze and lock in place when managing the resources is not on this list. This bug has been around for ages, apparently the devs know about this already (or so I've been told by the mods) but still it persists. Ugh...
    And still, the game runs over 20 times slower than legacy mode.

    I used to play all the time but took a very extended break. Came back just now to find everything completely different and not in a good way. Makes me not want to play at all now. And not to sound entitled but I actually won't play it again to be honest with these changes (which is a damn shame as I loved this game before, it scratched an itch no other game has). But here are just a few things I've found that really could do with being looked at:

    1. Reduce the lag.
    (My PC is pretty good but this game lags like crazy now, it was never anywhere near this bad before the overhaul. It takes me a good 3 seconds just for it to register me selecting an army and up to around 5-10 seconds to select 8 armies... And don't even get me started on the gosh. This NEEDS to be sorted ASAP).

    2. Reduce the army icon size.
    (Quite simply, just a bit too big).

    3. In-game interface too confusing.
    (It used to be far more simple and much easier for people to get to grips with, especially people who are playing for the very first time. Remember the expression, less is more. I wish I could be more specific to help better with this one but I'd be writing an essay).

    Overall, the way it was before was fine. An update in the appearance of the game etc is fine and yes it was in need of something to make it look more modern, but changing the interface itself to something more confusing was not needed. Nor was it wanted.
    But hey, I'm just someone who used to play the game everyday for well over a year (maybe longer, I can't remember) so I doubt my opinions will matter all that much. They never were taken into consideration before after all...
    Will miss this game a lot. And I'm genuinely gutted that it's changed to what it is now. But if anything is indeed done that fixes the issues I've pointed out, I probably will come back (someone please message me). But until then, I'm sorry, but I'm out.


    Didn't realise I can still play in Legacy mode...will do that then instead. And I apologise if this post come across as more of a rant than intended.