Posts by Hoganator

    Bomber repair does not appear to speed up in a game with a 6-hour game day, nor does spy missions. They seem to operate on a 24-hour cycle.

    The game should include the ability to add a "Trade" to the "Build Queue" so an important trade can go through ahead of other builds. If you have promised to trade 5,000 Oil in a trade to someone and are waiting for them to reply, you don't want an item to build and consume all or part of the oil designated for your trade.

    Attacks should be more accurate when revealed by a fighter.

    Attacks should be more accurate the closer you are to the target, with the exception of planes and submarines.

    You need a screen to reveal the popularity details of all players with actions you can take to increase your popularity or decrease an opponents popularity.

    I have typing interruptions while texting other players during trades. The cursor jumps around or vanishes all together.

    The music should be based on the country of origin with a new song being played for each territory. The songs should be from circa 1914.

    The trade screen reverses the order of the trade when the offer is sent and appears on the text window. This is confusing and lacks continuity.

    Units should have ranks based on their experience / the number of kills they have made. Then their hit points could reflect their added skill.

    The unit with the highest rank in a stack predetermines what building improvements to build once a battle is successful. If you are not micro-managing the game and you win a territory, everything grinds to a halt as the troops just sit there or move to the next target. There should be some way to plan ahead so you can repair a railroad to advance a railgun or repair a port to help facilitate an invasion, etc.

    At unit spawning, their fire control should be predetermined so submarines can sneak past an embargo to a rally point or an artillery can leave a city without for a rally point without attacking an enemy first.

    Include in the "Add Target" the standard Move and Attack buttons for each leg of the journey so that the movements at the end of the journey remain concealed. Attacking shows a red line and is concealed from the enemy but moving shows a light line which is visible to the enemy. The Add Target only has the light line an tells the enemy your next move.

    I always have to log out and sign in to get my railgun to pass over a newly constructed railway.

    In the "Build Queue" clicking on a territory's name should change the focus of the map to that territory just like it does in "Province Administration".

    Since you determine moral based on how far you are away from the Capital City, you should use this distance as a delay in the announcing of a surprise attack by an opponent which is then flashed across the screen. The further away the territory that is being attacked, the longer it take for the alert to be presented. It should only work if you have a recruiting office in each territory connecting the territory in a relay to the Capital City.