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    The new province administrator tool is horrible. Upon clicking, it spawns in the top left, you need to drag it to the right, re-size and now you have an ugly UI that you can barely see damaged building on. You waste even further time with the building filter drop down tool.....

    1. If you want to specify which aspect keep you from playing it we can look into how this can be improved.

    Basically what Hastings said earlier..

    #1 Banners are cluttering the battle field , please give us 'Tactical army display option" instead of huge banners

    #2 Banners and huge 3D units obscure weigh points on land and especially on Sea

    #3 Province admin panel only displays 6 provinces, which is fine for small maps, for the 100 and 500 maps this small display are instead of 10 provinces cause 2x as much work to accomplish same tasks, give us more provinces in the display of province admin panel - Minimize the province panel so it doesn't cover screen.

    #4 Path finding is still broken when splitting units on UI/ Revamp display, units get stuck in motion but never move

    #5 Having several maps open requires logging into S1914 on separate tabs other wise you can not open more than one map, each map you open you have to wait (lag) and then after selecting Low Graphics Display, you have to wait some more, Very clunky and annoying to enter so many log in tabs rather than the select map and new tab pops open .