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    Is there an option that those who already bought GMs before to get some kind of upgraded ads ( some friends of mine got 2750 GMs while i got only 1500GMs from the completing of those 5 free ads) . Just wondering if it is something like that so i have to buy GMs to get those new updated ads instead the usual ones that i actually get .

    I've already read the Update release note as soon it was posted but it says nothing regarding these different types of rewards . My guess is that only those who bought GMs before get an improved reward while the others get the normal type ( 2750 vs 1500 GMs ) but i'm not very sure about that . A friend of mine told me that he bought the cheapest offer of GMs 2 weeks ago and he got the same 1500 GMs ( 100+200+300+400+500) . There are a few guys into my alliance who bought GMs from shop in the past and they get those 5 much more rewarding free ads ( 200+300+500+750+1000 ) .

    The question is what i have to do in order to get 2750 GMs daily and not only 1500 GMs ( I know it may sounds greedy but I know on a few days this difference isn't a lot but also i'm not planning to play for a few days only and taking in consideration months or years it may become a good help for me ) . I've added below screenshots from those daily offers . If anyone knows anything regarding the system of rewarding i'm all ears .