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    Some small details I think would be simple to address:

    • Inactive players do not have a distinct icon on the diplomacy screen, which they did in legacy. It's a very small but useful feature.

    An example of an inactive player and how there is no indication of that status.

    • Lack/inconsistent use of color coding in diplomatic relations.

    Here are the icons used for share map and right of way:

    The drawn portion itself is distinct enough, but their color are exactly the same. Different shades of green/blue would do wonders in helping quickly distinguish them from one another.

    In fact, the war icon already does this, with a very easy to distinguish red:

    Another small nitpick is that your relation doesn't get the colored background. I suppose this is to help distinguish your relation vs their relation, but honestly the white circle border should be more than enough on the rare occasions where you don't have the same mutual relation.