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    I've tried many time with army arriving from different direction but synchronised to arrive at the same minute with the delay function and always merge. In any case, even if not merge but are in the range of 3/4 kilometres from the objective, they fight as they are one army.

    But it maybe a coincidence. I had played few games.

    The issue is not that they fight upon arrival as a seperate unit. Should they fail to merge they do not enhance the morale of the original unit and, as a result, the losses can be far greater than had the original group recieved the subsequent armies and merged to a higher morale.

    I have also noticed the absence of the infantry stats when viewing directly and not from a game platform. Again, I questioned this as well, but have not recieved an answer to any degree of satisfaction. If I had to guess, it is an oversight due to the new stat calculation program coming on line to address the time it took for a simple update. Bytro has a fine record of addressing issues, it is simply a matter of priority for them, I have little doubt.

    Armies comming from seperate directions rarely, if ever, successfully merge during a battle. It is difficult enough to get them to merge at times coming in as reenforcements from the same direction, more times than not the y remain a seperate fighting unit. Why? I have no clue. It just is.

    It has been a exploit since the dark days of Java format my friend. Knowing this now, use it properly. Do not alter orders once given if rail use is imparative. Use what the game offers, and there are more hidden gems yet for you to find, and come out winning. Best wishes to you.

    And wait. The report states it may take up to 72 hours for a review and/or reply to your complaint. That is in the BEST case scenerios. More times than not, it is reviewed after the damage has already been done and your game lays a smouldering pile of ashes. Best of luck to you in you endevors though.
    And if any disagree with that assessment, prove me wrong. There is a line forming that says otherwise.

    I have a better question? Why does it matter? If you really intend to take a provence, take it or do not. Once you have done it a thousand times, it becomes fairly routine. Total calculations with finality are not possible either due to the RNG application during battles. The longer the battle, the more it can be negated as the distribution of the RNG falls under a bell shaped curve over time for a equal event.

    For a long time, the air units had to travese alone, seperated from any other unit stacks in the water. That changed only a few updates ago to where they are now inclusive to any chosen.
    Stacking with naval is always a smart idea, if not simply for the protection each offer the other during movement, but also for the stable morale factor of stacked land units.

    It applies more towards the units defending and the amount of time it takes your units (Hourly ticks) to destroy them. The longer it takes, the more they draw from the available HP that the structure has in order to defend the city. If they can be destroyed in the first tick, the structures may either totally remain, or be damaged and repairable.

    I am more shocked that this thread made it past screening. When is it, or has it ever been, OK to post about a player that doesn't break rules, but plays a bit less ethical than others. Not everyone in the sandbox hesitates to throw sand at someone.
    Suck it up Sally and play the game. I agree with Buddha, and that says alot, that you live by your choices, and that the forums are not the place to bring these issues.
    If this where the Global chat, you would have been shut down after the first indication of potentially black listing a player.

    What I have heard over the years of playing Supremacy, is that the game moves too slow and takes too long.
    I disagree that it is too slow, real time should be expected, and Bytro has made speed maps an option for those with a Donkey Kong mentality of have to be busy.
    What I do take issue with is that the latest changes to the game features not increases the defensive abilities even more than they already where, making the game drag on longer due to the hesitancy to make an attack unless overwhelming odds are in one's favor with melee, or massed arty after nearly 1/4 of the map time is already expired.
    I would suggest rebalancing this to the benefit of the offense. Give me the option to go and play "Hulk Smash" rather than "Go ahead. Waste your troops."
    Speed up the game. It is slow enough already.
    Also, after 10 years of service to Bytro and the community, I would think I have earned the respect and the trust to have my threads or actions here posted rather than held up for some review. Lets look at some reality here shall we? If the Smods do not know how to do this, let me know. I can walk them through it.

    It's been 2 months since the announcement - any progress?

    I'll be absolutely shocked if a developer actually deigns to reply to this comment.

    Prediction: crickets

    If addressing primary concerns from the player base is not a priority of the Bytro agenda, perhaps we could be informed as to what is far more important so we can get a better understanding of this issue.
    I could get behind an improvement that is earth shattering to allow my stats to lay dormant now for months.