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    Stop you troops. Just stop. Wait a second and order them to attack something in you path, even ifit is a zillion miles away. I have had this as well, this seems to cure it short term.

    Unfortunately Monty, at the moment I can not think of an alternative that would provide the opportunity to track, research and take actions as deemed necessary. I will ponder it though. Redundancy has it's value too.

    If I received a report stating this as a complaint, and after checking, found the evidence to support that conclusion, then yes. And I would react appropriately to it as well.

    Buddha has a very valid point on this. This is where some of the research is involved

    and it can be lengthy.

    To reply with what I can in order as posted:

    1: GM is a tool that players have at their disposal to use at their discretion. If it in violation of the rules, they loose it, the same as one looses it in their own defense. It is discretion of the holder to do as they see fit with it. Which also responds to your question #4.

    2: Filing the report is done the same for anyone. Once received, none take precedence over another and all are investigated for the reported violation by the staff. The target is to achieve this in a 72 hour window. Some take longer, or the quantity of reports submitted may hamper us achieving this target window. Findings are subject to action or inaction. No action is taken on those that evidence has shown no violation within a game. This also addresses Question #3.

    5: The system used retains records of issues. No further disclosure of this system will be made.

    6: The FAQ and other areas of resource within the forums contain these definitions that you seek. Find them at your leisure. As for reporting, as addressed in question 2, the more accurate the information, the better we can serve you.

    7: See question 6. The info is not hidden and has been discussed at length for many years in the forums. I will not find it for you. Seek it out or ask a specific question in a thread where those with the ability to direct policy have the opportunity to offer explanation or rebuttal.

    8: A revision of the previous question and receives the same answer.

    9: This I have no immediate answer for, as I do not play in these maps. But, I will refer your question to staff and try to resolve it for you if it can or should be resolved.

    10: Speculation on this is up to the user to evaluate. Unless there is a specific rule against who may and may not join a game, 500 players from the same aircraft carrier at sea may join, or 500 tribesmen from the Amazon. It is up to those wishing to join to do so.

    As you have stated, this is simply a reply to the questions asked and is not my intention to appear aggressive or politically incorrect in it's application.

    Relative to your game and the activities happening with in it, I would suggest that if you suspect any rules of the ToS requirements are in violation, that said rule breaks be reported formally so that 1: A record of such activity is documented 2: That any actions required to react appropriately to the accused breach of the rules can be applied.

    Discussions taking place on a network that is not controlled by the Bytro system is not within the abilities of the staff to take action upon.

    If the 'harassment' took place in the game using the media exchange features provided by Bytro, then please submit a report for documentation and actions if required.

    The use of Goldmarks is permitted in games and to denounce the use of it is, in itself, a rule break.

    Wolfpacking is not defined by the player, but by the definitions given to the staff. Provided that a report of such alleged activity is submitted, the staff will compare the activity to the requirements to determine if the offence is sufficient to act upon.

    Submit a report if there is a problem.

    Most of the features are fairly self explanatory, and I will not be addressing these. Those features that are confusing, or difficult to either find or apply are those posted.

    Here is what I can confirm on the Mobile app to date:

    Diplomacy: In the diplomacy screen, blue dot is active. Red dot are inactive (AFK). No dot are AI computer.
    If a player is removed from the round, the original name of the leader issued by the game parameters is re-instated.

    Coalition: Open the coalition tab. Coalitions and players with in each are listed. No color dot can be associated with a coalition at this time.

    Ally/Enemy status: Allied troops on the game map appear as blue. Enemy are red. and Neutrals have no color. Allies include coalition members as well in this color depiction, but are not exclusive to it.

    Moving multiple troops: Select a unit. Select 'add army'. select the next units. Select the destination. All selected will move to that destination.

    Resources: Consumption/resource generation data can be accessed by selecting a city.

    Market: Accessed through the market icon. Have care as GM button is close to the purchase. Aim your fingers well when selecting.

    Moral status of cities: White around the city is great. Blue is good, red is in need of some improvement assistance to raise moral.

    Performance issues: This is the only way I have found through experiencing them to try and resolve some of them. Unload the app. Re-load the app and open the game again. Your data is still there, your game awaits.

    Switching from mobile to desk top ALT+4.

    Chat: Found through the 'MORE' options. IPad/iPhone has in game chat, accessible through the crossed rifles at the top left of the global chat screen. Android in game chat options can not be found or accessed at this time.

    Name Change: Hit the Planet symbol on your phone when you get to home page. At the bottom right MORE. Under MORE, there is listed YOUR account. Change it there. But a word of caution: You may do this only once.

    Admin abilities: There are currently no options for the admin of the game to remove inactive players.

    Whispers: To whisper to someone, click their name in the chat and select the second button (player outline with a mini chat window)

    I am asking for factual information for the use of the mobile app. As the information is accumulated, we can then begin to make a comprehensive instruction tool available for all users.
    Thanks for any assistance you care to offer.

    If you where banned, you received a PM specifying the reason for it. That PM contains the directions on how to review the ban in question.
    If for some reason you did not receive this, please feel free to send me a PM and I will direct you from there.

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