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    My friends visit me before to play Supremacy 1: TGW and to play other online games. Since there are about 5 of us sharing the same network. "Zeke Owned By Betty" was banned and got unbanned afterwards. I don't know if you can un-ban, but he got his account back. The problem is two of my friends are sisters. So both are keep on getting warnings every time they play. "Zeke Owned By Betty" usually visits the sister up until now. So he is quite in trouble in getting banned. So, is there any way to tell if it's really a multi account or not?

    I'm having trouble using Fall of Empires because of selecting tons of provinces. I need an easier way of selecting all of them to finish my "shift" in the game quickly. The current problem was I own about 100+ provinces and I can't select them all in mobile. Selecting them one by one will take me more than 15 mins in game.