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    Hello _Pontus_,

    What information are you refering to actually?

    When selecting a unit in the research tab and scrolling down a bit you'll see additional information like unit costs and production times.

    could you tell me when the game will be released?

    THere is no release date, yet.

    will the rankings be reset on release? or it be a bit unfair for te dudes who join the game at release and will acctually benefit ur compony as more players will compete and thus mor gm will be bought as well as high command ust saying ;0

    Don't think the ranking will be resetted as you can acomplish the current scores in a matter of days basically. There will always be a disadvantage for them who join the game after it went live.

    Hello war-play!

    This is one of the measures to get fuller maps. Over the years there have been a lot of maps on each different language server with lots of empy spots. This way we are able to fill maps more as we could have otherwise. Meaning you will find yourself in extra though battles from now on once the game becomes bigger and more players will join.

    Hello tajou,

    To get the problem clear, how are you sending the messages? Via the PM option at the homepage?

    Could you perhaps create a screenshot with the snipping tool and share it here on the forum? A visual might help locate the exact problem more easily.


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    In this thread we'll put attention to some more general ingame rules.

    1. Account-Pushing

    Any Game(s) may be created with as many Friends/Alliance Members as the game will accommodate.

    Account-Pushing can be defined by the following events:

    1. Should Player X ask/invite other players into a game with just the sole intent to aid in killing off / kamikaze into Player Y, will be considered Account-Pushing
    2. Should Player X ask/invite other player with the intent to have them trade Land/Resources/Troops to Player X, will be considered Account-Pushing
    3. Should players join a game with the intent to influence the outcome and aid Player X will be considered Account-Pushing

    Note contrary to the past account pushing does not apply to a certain date of joining, and is defined as solely joining to aid another user not to play the game.

    Any players found to be account pushing will be removed from the game round immediately

    2. Wolfpacking

    Wolfpacking can be defined by the following events:

    If a player or a group of players follows another player around games with the purpose of harming his gaming experience due to personal motivations, will be considered Wolfpacking.

    Any Players found to be Wolfpacking will be removed from the Game Round immediately.

    Any Game(s) may be created with as many Friends/Alliance Members as the game will accommodate.

    3. Capital farming

    It is not allowed to exercise capital farming, which is the act of recruiting other players with the purpose of harvesting capital cities or enemy units with the intention to receive cash and/or morale boost.

    Players that violate this rule will be removed from the respective game without warning.

    Forum Statutes

    I. What is not allowed:

    1) Basics:

    a) Insulting other forum users or the staff is prohibited. This already results from the rules of etiquette, but should be emphasised here again.

    b) Posts with racist, sexist, vulgar or any other harmful statements are also not allowed. Images with corresponding contents are also prohibited.

    c) All links and documentation that instruct cheating are removed. Discussions of file sharing tools will have no place in the forum because of the associated copyright infringement.

    d) The naming or denunciation of users / players, whom (allegedly) exploit bugs or other inconsistencies, is not permitted, as this can lead to unjustified accusations. Likewise publishing player blacklists or links to such lists is prohibited.

    e) The denunciation of Goldmark is not permitted and leads to an immediate warning. The use of Gold is an explicit part of the game. The same applies to the premium account.

    It should be noted that violations of criminal laws in the internet are also subject to prosecution and can be brought to the police.

    2) More forum rules:

    a) We do not condone advertising for commercial sites in our forums. You can link to personal homepages, provided the content adheres to the general requirements (in particular any illegal, harmful, abusive, vulgar, racist, ethnically dubious or other harmful content), and the content corresponds to the link in the signatures.

    b) Subjects about popular games/products (excluding advertising content) and their evaluation, etc. - unless they are in direct competition with Supremacy 1 - The Great War - are allowed. Providing links on the forum to sites of such games/products, however, is not allowed.

    c) Posting spam, wares, cheats, cd-keys etc. will be punished with immediate warning. The same goes for personally attacking other users and calls for spam, baiting, hunting etc. Users who put a reply in such a thread will be warned and disabled after re-offence.

    d) Posts that violate the forum’s rules are not allowed to be quoted.

    e) Possession of more than one account - even if it is only for use in the forums - is prohibited. Potential secondary accounts will be blocked. Should this lead to misunderstandings, this can be resolved with one of the moderators.

    f) So-called spamming or hazing, creating postings containing only smilies or individual words is prohibited. Basically a post should contribute to the topic and be self-explanatory.

    g) Manually inserting graphics in the signature of a post is permitted, but restricted, for reasons of clarity. The files must not be too large, so they do not cause long loading time. It is forbidden to put images above a size of 800 * 600 pixels directly. Used in this case, installing a link or creating a thumbnail for larger images will be removed under certain circumstances with no comment.

    h) Birthday threads are forbidden and will be removed without comment.

    i) Deputy moderators are not welcome. In problematic threads, the moderators will take care of it.

    j) Vote Threads (for pushing bands / people / guinea pigs) are not allowed.

    k) Thread tags are there to correctly identify threads, and not purely attributed to nonsense. We reserve the right to penalise infringements accordingly.

    l) Surveys for school, college or clubs are not allowed. Should the subject be of a more comprehensive capacity, there is the possibility that the mods or admins are asked for permission.

    m) Blogging in the forum is prohibited, however, advice based threads are welcome.

    n) The creation of threads for criticism or reviews is permitted only in the feedback section.

    3) Privacy

    a) Publishing private correspondence between members of the Supremacy 1 - The Great War teams and users is strictly forbidden! This also applies for private communication between users. If you want to make a private message accessible to the public, the consent of both participants is required.

    b) It generally pertains to respect the privacy of the Supremacy 1 - The Great War users and basically to not disclose any personal information (address, phone number, email address, RL name ...) of others without their consent.

    II. A few notes

    1)The search function is your friend; use it as well as the FAQ section. Basic questions can be cleared up quickly.

    2) Posts that are written without commas and loaded with spelling errors will be ignored quickly. Moreover, such a messy post is rude to the readers, because it needs more effort to read. For this you should look at the edit function, to make the post clearer.

    3) If you subsequently think of something, please do not produce double post, but also use the Edit function.

    4. For private discussions please use the PM function or personal messaging (eg Skype).

    5. Please do not create threads @ User XY, this is what the PM function is used for.

    6. More emphasis in the thread title, by excessive use of special characters, etc. is also not allowed.Only moderators are permitted to use colors in the forum.

    7. Discussions that deal with politics, ideology and similar controversial topics are to be performed with extra care and with sensitivity. Such issues can quickly lead to bitter disputes, and the moderator will stop the discussion.

    8. The moderator or admin will never ask for your password to your account! Remember this and never give it away under any circumstances.

    9. Posts by moderators, as well as "edits" or comments, or additions are not to be corrected or deleted by the user. Violators will be immediately punished.

    10. Users have to follow instructions from moderators and administrators, however, if there is any perceived bias or inconsitency you can appeal the senior staff members.

    III. Position of the moderators, measures for violations of the rules

    1. The moderators have the right to penalise infringements of the above rules. This can result in the editing of posts and the closing of threads, through to the warning or banning of the user.

    2. Principally, a user is banned for receiving a third warning, warnings are declared usually clearly recognisable as a warning (rather than a reprimand etc). They shall be made by PM or email and may not be spoken about in the relevant threads. In particularly serious violations, however, the ban can be done earlier, without former warnings.

    2.1. The Warning system:

    Minor offense - 1 point * - ** Duration: 10 day (s)

    Signature Rules violated - 1 point * - ** Duration: 30 day (s)

    Prohibited advertising - 1 point * - ** Duration: 30 day (s)

    Insulting remarks - 2 point + - ** Duration: 60 day (s)

    Insult other users - 2 point + - ** Duration: 60 day (s)

    Serious infringement - 4 point * - ** Duration: Infinite

    * Points: 3 points results in a blocking of 7 days in the forum, provided that the points do not expire. For serious violations, bans without expiration dates are maintained.'

    ** Duration: this refers to the validity of a point. After expiry of that period, the point will be removed. For example, a user collects that 3 points within 30 days will be blocked for 7 days. But if he only accumulated 2 points in 30 days, after receiving another point, there is no block.

    Breaching the measures of a moderator, such as opening a new thread with the same subject as a previously closed or deleted thread, are to be omitted, and will be dealt with severely.

    4. In the event of an account termination of a user, the user logging in again is not permitted (risk of circumvention). In exceptional cases, it is at the discretion of the operators /administrators to unlock new registrations for this user.

    5. If a user is not satisfied with the measure of a moderator, the user may ask them for an opinion of this via PM, email or Skype if necessary; we are always ready to explain our actions in private. This also means that we will not tolerate public discussions.

    6. Should moderators exceed their authorities assigned by these statutes, affected users can complain to the Super Moderator. If the user has further complaints, these can be addressed by contacting the Main Administrator via PM.

    7. If then there are still a need for clarification, the user can contact the Community Manager with his complaint.

    The Terms and Conditions of Bytro are in place in the forums and will be upheld.

    1) Respectful treatment:

    Since Bytro Labs provides you with a chat to communicate, respectful treatment is absolutely essential. Treat others as you yourself would want to be treated. This includes that other people are not to be offended or denounced.

    Also, use of abusive, obscene or suggestive in sexual/offensive nature, to include abbreviated or contracted statements or phrases, is a violation of the chat protocol and warnings/expulsion from the chat for their use will result.

    2) Content:

    Violence and drug glorification, pornographic, racist, Nazi and/or extremist statements, and account names of criminals or dictators of any kind are prohibited and may result in an immediate chat ban, with the option of deleting the accounts responsible. The same applies to links or quotes which distribute such content, or identifying with their ideas.

    3) Privacy:

    The publishing of private correspondence between the members of Supremacy 1 - The Great War teams and users is strictly forbidden! This also applies for private communication between users- both PMs and in-chat whispers. If you want to make a private message accessible to the public, the consent of both participants is required. It generally pertains to respect the privacy of the Supremacy 1 - The Great War users and basically to not disclose any personal information (address, phone number, email address, RL name ...) of others without their consent.

    4) Provocations/"trolls"*:

    So-called "Trolls" are users who primarily limit themselves to violate the chat rules or general rules of good taste by inappropriate posts. Such behavior will not be tolerated and users who visit the Supremacy 1 - The Great War chat only for this purpose will be excluded from the chat. To this regard: "Do not feed the Trolls!". Sometimes it is more efficient to simply ignore offensive chat messages instead of sending the desired attention to the provocateurs.

    5) Moderators:

    Players seeking to complain or protest against actions undertaken by staff may do so either by communicating with the staff member in question through the PM-system or through whisper in the chat. It is NOT permitted to discuss the decisions of the moderation team in public. Should you find the reply of the moderator to be unsatisfactory, please report the incident to the Senior Moderator. Deputy modding, i.e. directing the players in the chat without the authority from Bytro systems is not permitted under any circumstances.

    6) Language of the Chat:

    The specified chat language is English. The use of any other languages or dialect (with the exception of common greetings/loanwords) is prohibited- players who wish to speak another language may do so in whisper or by loading the appropriate server, should one exist.

    7) Spam/text walls/advertising for other online games**:

    Empty or no grammatical structure for strings of characters and symbols, or the constant repetition of the same words will be considered spam. In addition, random messages, message flooding and continuous role play conversations will be considered as spam. Uppercase (Caps) are limited to one word per sentence and smilies along with other special commands are to be used as emphasis only. When these are used constantly, this is considered spam and is reacted to accordingly. Text sentences that cover 33% of the text box will be considered as a text wall and are not allowed. In addition, aggressive advertisement of other games is punishable by a temporary or permanent removal from the chat.

    8 ) Instructions for cheating:

    All information / instructions on how to use multiple accounts or commit other violations of the Terms and Conditions are prohibited. This includes guidance on how to bypass the anti-cheat system.

    9) File Sharing Tools etc.:

    Discussions of torrents and file sharing tools and links to such tools are prohibited.

    10) Blacklisting:

    The posting of allegations regarding another player (or a group of players) based on past experiences which can either damage or destroy their reputation is to be avoided. This includes statements posted in chat/forums and posts in the in-game newspaper during general game play. This is necessary to prevent a possible witch hunt. Likewise publishing player blacklists or links to such lists is prohibited.

    11) Denunciation of staff members/the game:

    Posts which slander the support staff or the game itself, or posts which are likely to deter new players from chatting, are not welcome. Also, the denunciation of features of the game, especially of Goldmarks and their users, is strictly prohibited.

    12) Answers to, or quoting rule-breaks

    The citing or copying of previous violations can be as bad as the initial violation, and may warrant a similar punishment. This serves that after a violation, the chat rules are enforced as soon as possible. The moderators do not have to specifically indicate an additional warning to it.

    13) Warnings:

    Moderators can issue warnings and/or disable the transgressing player temporarily or permanently for violations of the chat rules. In extreme cases, the transgressing player's account will be deleted. Disciplinary actions on the part of users which lie in the scope of the duties of the moderators, and the demanding of bans are frowned upon and may result in a warning or temporary disabling.

    It should be noted that violations of criminal laws in the internet are also subject to prosecution and can be brought to the police.

    Supplementary Information:

    (*) Additional description of "trolls":

    The term troll is used in internet culture for a person who may provoke others strongly in discussions or forums with their contributions. The apparent goal of the troll is disrupting the original communication of a factual issue and for gaining attention.

    (**) Advertising for other games:

    It is allowed to discuss other games and mention them by name; however, it is not allowed to aggressively advertise them as in saying: "Go and play game X, because it is better".

    You have to play an frontlinepioneer game in order to keep beta rights.

    If your not played a frontline game for 6 weeks then your rights will be removed automatically.

    In the image below you can set a filter to search for frontline games.

    Go to Games -> New games, press the small wheel on the right to open the filters.