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    All of you should have received the following message;

    Dear player.

    Due to a lot of players asking us to delay the start of the second rounds from the Supremacy World Cup we have decided to postpone them. With Easter around the corner and a lot of players wanting to spend this time with their families we agree that this will be the best course of action for the tournament.

    Starting the games tonight would have a negative impact in the tournament, something we are trying to avoid at all costs. Therefore we would like to inform you that round 2 of the supremacy world cup will not start at April 20th but instead the rounds will start at April 23th. Just after midnight. Somewhere around 00.10. (we have to wait until the servers have completed the day change)

    Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you good luck in the second round!

    Signed by the Supremacy World Cup staff,

    Mr.Fleming, Rodami, El Historiador, whitetiger89, Mr.Dutch.


    I've just checked everybody in your map, and 1 case came up. This player has been banned now. Nothing to be found regarding to the fort.

    Please use the report function in your map next time. The information the system adds in the tickets helps us out.

    I'll send you a private message..

    This event is not organized by Bytro Labs themselves. We, voluntarily crew. have taken the time to organize and host it. Therefore we do not have the options to disable Goldmarks, but only provide regular gold checks. You have been informed via our support software, please continue it there and not in the public forum.

    So, as we do not discuss any bans in public we won't do it with this one either. Any message posted which will continue the discussion of bans will be removed.

    Coalitions should have been disabled, but they aren't. Our mistake, we noticed it after the games had started so we couldn't create the games again with coalitions disabled. But that doesn't mean we allow them, so if we find them we will delete them.

    Having multiple alliance members in one game was a topic of discussion. In the end our resources, our staff options and, as simple as it may be, our time we decided not to go that way.

    As this is a event organized by the voluntary support staff we had to make decisions in what we find most important for the tournament. Nevertheless your feedback has been noticed and valued. We'll try to work on this in a feature edition of this event.

    I agree that it's pretty unrealistic.

    I do understand the wish to move a port. But this rarely ever happend. The costs to rebuild the harbor somewhere else would be enormous.

    It was once a choice not to implement such button/option which destroys your own buildings.