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    I'm having major lag issues with games on the larger maps - are there any settings I can change, or anything like that, that might help reduce the lag a bit?
    It makes it really difficult to manage the map at all on mobile.

    Hi, Hope this is the right place for this.
    I had a neutral nation with units close to mine; when I logged in again, the units were red, with one of them moving towards my unit, with a red arrow.
    I usually understand this to mean they are enemy units, however the provinces belonging to that country still show grey, not red, there was no declaration of war, and they don't show up on the list of countries who've declared war against me.
    Is it a bug? Or just some mechanic that I haven't seen before?
    Quick replies appreciated, since I'm trying to figure out if I need to attack these units.
    This is in "World in Flames -100" if it matters.