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    I appreciate the kind strategic and tactical advice but I don't see how a game mode where players suicide infantry on each other in the first couple days as skill based. It is my opinion, and I hope the opinion of any rational person reading this, that this tournament is very poorly organized. The only "skill" that would have saved me in this case would have involved factors external to the diplomacy in this map.

    I'm one of the leaders of that alliance, Grupo de Operaciones Maldito. We would obviously like to be spread out more too, then we would have better chances of getting more members through.. But random is random I guess. And those 4 members of my alliance all want to go through, so they will have to fight between them too.

    Being France, you are in trouble whether they are all same alliance or not.. I do think games should have peace period though. It's a must for any competitive game, even more for an individual tournament. Whoever gets a country in the middle has next to no chances of going through. Couple of days peace period allows these countries to build up a defence.

    Trust me I've been building up forts and barracks and everything I can as quickly as possible. I now see Morocco's entire army has gone through Spain's border and will likely be attacking me soon.

    Can we get a better mix of players?

    I want to let you know that there is a Supremacy World Cup Championship Game #8 in my list of games. There are 9 players in the player list. 4 of them are from the same alliance (GRUPO DE OPERACIONES MALDITO).

    Lucky for me I'm literally right in the middle of all 4 of these players. I am France and the players in the alliance are Spain (on my border), Germany (on my border), Italy, (on my border), and Morocco (Spain's other border). I'm going to need all the support I can get from the rest of my map to outlive this.