Ehhhh activity can be an advantage in game but really if u don't have skill then no amount of activities can save u against pros lol no hnr shit here ^^

    Acorian brother....... We don't have problem with game progression to get to late game we need some extra days lol 15 days is like the starting faze of a sup 1914 map lol the maps are huge it takes sometimes an entire day to move fleets to far off nations lol we don't need faster pace game we need time to move and fight lol even if u add 5 more days it will benefit us greatly and really I have friends in 500 p maps who play maps 200 days old like bro at least give us a 20 + day time to finish the map of such size

    What? U want to have units come for free then? Pontus that's just horrible have u played a strategy game Pontus? There is a thing called logistics which all countries require to do stuff like the us has not gone to war with USSR in cold war and was just build themselves up and by your meaning preparing is farming then we can say the us farmed the entire cold war

    Alright folks the map has ended with my this map I beat the no one score player robner and the No1 player with kills limorus.i got a 454kills to only 3 death on limorus. And I was able to train a newb ji02 guy to push into robner land and get to his captital before he was pushed back which makes it funny even a fraction of my knowledge made a new player push to the no 1 player capital region. Alas this was the first map I bothered to complete. But this is not over yet I will post another coalition map soon this month. If anyone think they can defeat me they can join and try I will love to make my score card bigger

    And pls make the 84 p maps last longer like if there is no big wars in an "84p" map then what is the point of playing such a large time consuming map if u can't get kills on actually active players on the map just because u don't have like a mere 5 days left it really makes me angry so many ai farmers in map edges escaped my wrath lol ;)

    Well idk most top alliance don't take new players but I know of a Alliance called BLITZKRIEG international lol they are great guys with experience willing to take new players I was there too when I started if u have an interest I may talk to my friend there if he can allow u

    But u have to be active and contribute as inactive players are kicked simple ;)

    like really man the 15 day limit on 84p map is really killing me like u for Ur information most experienced players spawn in opposite sides of the game for some reason and for me to get to them it will take at least 20 to 25 days but u end the game at 15 days? Like how are u even supposed to finish the game early by getting all the cities and taking home a solo or coalition Victory ? 15 days is nothing this just makes me sad I am in a game with limorus and robner and I can reach to them in time because I only have 15 days and I already am on day 10 trying to take out Ireland like pls for the love of god increase the day limit by at least 5 days so I can play in peace and I will gladly see why won't u add more days with some proper reasons

    Well my playstyle is just what u are asking en hnr is no longer an option in sup 1 anymore as agreesive fire is free and default but I have to say range armies do have Thier uses but can't output the raw DPS of melle troops.but Id u know the tricks then range armies supported by navy and air units can kill off any player who spams level 6 cav the entire game Lol but if those melle units catch u better pray for Ur kill and death ratio and also navy is best for late game as u can use a battleships and level 6 torpedoes boats to just wipe out all the opposing cav spammers in Ur map

    Yea that's my thing lol i love to fight with massive armies of a millionsn of soldiers (I000 is a million) scince most good sup 1914 100p maps tend to last up to a 100 day plus if the players are determined and it really help my kill card to kill off these massive ai farmer empire

    Watching the amounts of update and bugfixes how long u predict the game is ready for marketing (we need more active people badly) and the time limit in 84 p maps is really bad bad bad bad just bad does not let u take fun of late game like I want to wage war on day 30 with player across the other end of the map with massive fleet / air raids will help to pay off the boredom of mid 20 days of preparing massive epic unit armies at least make it to 40 pls or it would really hurt my experience

    I hope no big alliance is made in this map last map it went boring as they became too powerful lol I can grind down 2 vets but 4 is just too much even for me