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    Hey, I physically can't log in, my internet connection is fine, at this rate I'm going to lose, in my round of 500, my day 8 artillery piece that I spent quite a while saving up gold to get, the AI had an army marching towards it and I was kiting by issuing 55 minute move orders..... I hope the server gets rolled back, or at least my artillery piece gets replaced. Thanks.

    (so far) only lost the 5 troops guarding it, managed to log in again in time, but can't issue any move commands... If it's just the infantry it's still a pain, but bearable.

    ~~Yeah that arty is definitely dead by now. Cool.~~

    Arty *magically* survived.

    Hey there, I'd simply like to ask what the bounds are for RNG in this game. In the span of 3 days I've had, while attacking cities *without forts*, had on one occasion the following happen:

    A stack of 14 infantry and one cavalry + a stack of 12 infantry with around 65% morale lose 16 troops to kill 7 enemy troops (just infantry) with around 50% morale, day 4.
    A stack of 13 infantry and one cavalry with around 54% morale lose (so far) 6 troops and the cavalary to kill 4 troops of a stack of 8 with 28%!! morale.

    How. Actually how, this shouldn't be possible.

    Again, what are the bounds, because it seems like they're [0%,200%] of attack. Seriously, this is ridiculous...

    Another fight against the same player, 80% morale (me) vs 50% (him) 5 troops vs 12 and 2 cavalry, no fort, not even buildings beyond the recruitment center: 4 dead for me to his 2

    The previous fight so far is 11 of mine dead to his 7
    Are my troops just worse? Like, what on earth am I supposed to even do here? I can't hit him with better morale, higher number troops with variety then what can I do, quit the game? I suppose that's the point isn't it, screw you so hard you have no other choice but to quit or spend gold. Interesting.

    TLDR: Half my morale, half my attack power, I lose 11 he loses 7, not the first time it happens *in the past 3 days*.

    OK so I got some hard data: 3 troops with 3.6 attack attacked one troop with 22% morale and didn't kill it. He has 0.22 hp, which means we need to be able to roll for less than 10% of our total damage, almost 5% of the total damage. Am I missing something?