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    Name: I SUCA SUCA [SUCA]

    Leader: MrKikko

    Country: Italy

    Language: Ita/Eng

    Founded: 2021

    Recruitment: Yes (you need to be recommended by a member, officer or leader and have to play a test map)

    Match Ready: Yes

    Discord: Yes (not for public)

    I doubt they'll make a comeback. On paper it sounds nice to be able to anonymously spread some information or leak some plans of your enemy that you somehow got intel on but in reality it's often used to simply insult someone without other players being able to report a specific person.

    I'm sorry, but I don't understand why it was not decided to pursue abuse by the authors, instead of depriving everyone of a game tool.

    Take the pleasure of going to the archives and looking for the 2018 revamp discussions.

    The feedback was the same as it is now.

    Since there has been no improvement, all those who already left the feedback then went back to the legacy, and now we are all over again.

    Our opinion, our feedback, all this, is useless.

    Good evening.

    Player since 2016, I agree with all those who prefer the legacy mode.

    Most important problems I encountered:

    1- lag: between entering the commands (movement and attack) and the actual action there is a very high lag.

    it could be a pc problem, so I also checked in low graphics, nothing changes.

    2- graphics: too many unnecessary frills, too many graphic improvements that are not needed for the purposes of the strategic game (water, beautiful, but does not add anything to the game experience).

    on the other hand, the 3D units are too large and prevent a clear and immediate view of what is happening, as well as seeming scattered randomly on the map.

    much better the 2d visualization of the legacy or the point system

    3- the choice of colors .. dark, flat, make it difficult to discern the borders of the provinces and especially between states (and this is especially true with high graphic details, in low graphics it improves a little)

    4- labels: in legacy mode, at any zoom level it was immediately clear what you were looking at and what was happening.

    here the labels at different zoom levels show different information, however not always correct (it has already been reported by others).

    This coupled with the size of the 3D units creates confusion and kills gameplay.

    if you don't want to admit that you have wasted a lot of time and money creating 3d models of the units, which are only harmful in the game, at least make sure that in low graphics can be used the same 2d models of the legacy mode, without labels, with the red and green aura that enemies and allies had in the legacy.

    simplicity and immediacy are not a defect.

    I do not dwell on the movements at sea and the problems in the market because everyone has already written about it.