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  • (Quote from Golden Buddha)But what`s about an influence of a city with no fort on defending infantry? Will units have more/less damage if located not in the city but in a field? Only infantry is regarded, no cars or cav.And one more question: As far as i`ve understood, the only reason for losing more units in the described fight is random isn`t it?
  • It would be interesting to know how much random can influence the battle and some more facts. I`m speaking about simple fight with no use of tactics in a field or nearby the city with no forts. The last battle where Random took place was 17inf+1car(Army A) vs 10 inf(Army B). Army A was standing in the field when it was suddenly attacked by B. The morale was about 70%, mobilizaton - about 90 or 100 both. After the fight A lost 12inf+1car, B lost 10 inf. The questions are: 1) Does defensive damag…