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    Strategies for the Republic of China (South-East Asia map)

    Ask for advice or share your own tips and tricks for the Republic of China!

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    Invade South China, or Manchuria, then Taiwan, and then invade Northern China, invade Korea, fortify Naval or Bordering provinces, target oil supplies of countries at war, or growing empires, invade the Philippines and then build many battleships, plunder Japan and then secure the sea with your Battleships, then destroy any growing empires and then if your empire is big enough, destroy the others and win. (Currently Giving Strategies for South East Asia)

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    One thing I would like to add, as the republic of China you have a big opportunity to be the major oil producer in asia. You have oil in korea, taiwan, a double oil province to start with. Xichou has some oil if you can take it away from south china. Xi'an has oil.

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    Attack small islands like Taiwan and Hainan(If French Indochina did not attack it).After attacking these islands,wait 1 or 2 days and attack South China.After conquering South China,build up your factories and begin building tanks and arty.After you built up your army,attack Manchuria.Get RoW with North China, then attack Mongolia(this is to secure more oil).I got only that....

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    Well, what worked for me was becoming allied to North and South China. I split Indochina With South China, on the meantime conquering Taiwan and Hainan in order to get me a double Gas Province and another Oil Province.

    Then, When I sawJapan and Manchuria were killing eachother, I just gathered some troops and quickly took both countries.

    During it, Mongolia and British India made a very strong alliance and my Northern Chinese friend was struggling against Mongolia and went AI, causing Mongolia to invade him, so all I had to do was build up many artilleries and a single railgun using my oil surplus and march on Mongolia, which was tied with me on #1 by then. It took me around a week to finally start moving and taking his provincies 1 by 1 until I was finally able to take his capital. Then South China (which was handling Mongolia and British India on Tibet) was able to start conquering provinces and on a few days we finished takin all Mongolian provinces and all we had left was British India and Dutch Indies, which was like isolated down south.

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    Here is my Input for playing as this Country since I scored my first victory on this map with Republic of China. This guide concentrates mostly on the early game and the early parts of the mid game. What decisions to make and what opening moves to make. After that you are on your own since the late game will have far too many variables to list here. I will divide it into economic, Diplomacy and Military. Finally this strategy guide is mostly aimd at more inexerieced Players so there experienced of you will just have to bear with me.
    Still interested? lets go then

    • First the obvious. You will notice upon starting the game your Military and economic plight. you have Little wood which is essential for upgrades for this Nation. You have an Advantage with a double oil province which will help later.
    • First build recruiting Offices in every province and place Level 2workshs in hong kong an changse,your double oil province.
    • Now place Barracks in These provinces, you my upgrade to level 2 if you wish since food is not a Problem at this stage.
    • Were you place fortresses depends on the diplomatic Situation read the game and the newspaper to use your limited iron wisely.
    • Railways will have to wait until you can acquire coal through trade or conquest
    • Build factory in your core double provinces as soon as they are available plus any where else you deem appropriate. you will need a Minimum of 3 to survive
    • use the stock market early on to get the cheapest Prices for what you Need. you dont Need all that cash at the early game spend some on the market.

    • You need to ally with north or south china who you ally with is up to you North china can trade energy south china had rich deposits of iron. But one or the other not both
    • Mongolia is also an ideal country to trade with he has what you need. an vice versa
    • trade for wood too maybe French ido china can help?

    • The first conquest you should make is to go for central chinas capital it has double wood just what you need.make sure you beat the other 2 chinas to it.
    • Wait until whoever you did not ally with goes to war first and wears out his army before you attack him use your ally to help as well to gain your new territories.
    • don´t neglect to invest tin naval or air units they will help later on use you captured resources to build the infrastructure required to do this.

    Hope this helps it seemed to worked for me any way

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