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    Why I am blocked for inappropriate content?

    Is this a new feature?

    The blocking filer has been around in one shape or another for a long time, however, it recently had some changes that new/old users might not be familiar with. Its purpose is to help the moderators keep chat a better place.

    Does it block words?

    Yes, there are some strong profanity words that are blocked by the chat, however, this is merely to limit some of the more common words, any profanity that slips through the filter or is not covered by it will still be eligible for moderation by any moderator, so please do not ‘test’ which words are banned in any of the public chat channels.

    Can typing too quickly trigger it?

    Yes, this is nominally to prevent people from spamming things they have copied into chat, my advice to those who are legitimately posting a link in order to help another user (such as posting the manual link to another user) would be to wait a short amount of time before sending the message after pasting the link into the chat box.

    I've been blocked, but I was speaking normally, why?

    Sometimes posting messages in quick succession will also trigger the spam filter, this is intended to stop trolls quickly pasting and sending many messages at once, but sometimes it unfortunately does catch innocent users in its net. Old users are no doubt familiar with the ‘You are typing too quickly. Please don’t type within 2 seconds’ that used to be in place, this is a similar system.

    Are some links banned?

    It appears some may be, though this is not conclusive, some links that have excessive tags (after the .com) may be banned even if you wait enough time before sending the message.

    I was blocked and I don’t think any of the above reasons were to blame, why?

    The filter can be tricked with lag, as it can interfere with the chat system. This causes it to think you have send the same message more than once and considers it the same as posting successive messages in quick succession. This leads to you getting blocked. To this effect, whenever you are experiencing connection problems (indicated by rotating arrows in HTML5 and a red icon in Java at the bottom right hand of the screen) please be wary of posting anything in chat, as you may accidentally set off the filter.

    But what do I do if I am blocked?

    There are two solutions to the chat filter if it blocks you, the first is the easiest, wait, if you get it, don’t say anything for a while and it will end, the block time itself is uncertain but if you speak during it, it can make the block last longer. The other solution is somewhat more annoying, however, you can quit all your running games, whether a tab in HTML5 or a window in Java, as well as the website itself. Once you re-open the game you should now be free to speak again.

    I’m in Java, but I didn't get a notification I’m blocked.

    For Java users there is no way of telling whether you are blocked, some people may see your messages (including mods) and some may not, so please be careful about what you say. You can and will be punished for any rule breaks we see.
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