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    THE HELL LEGION (New Thread)

    "After a few weeks of reflection I, Iug, decided to create, from scratch, an alliance that will not fear anyone on the international level. An alliance that can aspire to ambitious goals in the coming months. The will and determination of the player will determine if you can become a part of this group. It will create a circle of people and personalities recognized on all servers and that will, as the sole intent to dominate everyone and everything. We will win within the rules: (so will be banned the use of GM, bugs and illegal multiaccounts from our members), annihilating our opponents for our execution in speed and victory."

    As regards to the internal hierarchy, there will be 6 types of ranks (unless it is otherwise decided in the future):

    1) Leader (or Commander of the Legion)
    2) Moderators: 1 position still available
    3) Generals (Centurions capable of leading a team to the victory)

    4) Centurions (Legionaries with experience and proven)
    5) Legionaries simple (just promoted recruits, who have potential and need only implement the training).
    6) Recruits (newly recruited players and under training)

    There are no restrictions of any kind. A recruit one day could very well take my place if you prove you have the right requirements. Seguti of the organization chart of the Infernal Legion.

    1) Leader: Iug

    2) Moderator: Fezz
    3) Moderator: Il.Barone.Rosso.
    4) Moderator: NUMB_TF141
    5) Moderator: Fanthos

    6) General: urahara_kisuke8
    7) General: FiveAl
    8) General: Ruyzaki
    9) General: LordDima

    10) Centurion: king genny
    11) Centurion: and_ava
    12) Centurion: Max_777
    13) Centurion: Zama Zetton
    14) Centurion: Marco Trainstation
    15) Centurion: _MrAlpha_
    16) Centurion: Valokir

    17) Legionnaire: Michael Mercadante
    18) Legionnaire: mister80
    19) Legionnaire: SuperNet1

    20) Legionnaire: Cerben
    21) Legionnaire: frost1
    22) Legionnaire: PwnedNoob
    23) Legionnaire: xremolo

    24) Recruit: BeauChampion
    25) Recruit: beletteman

    The organization chart will be updated each time there will be promotions or degradations.

    There are no worlds or people who do not believe in the 'existence of hell.
    Hell itself, however, denies the existence of the Legion.
    The Hell Legion, born from the passion of those who love to win, born from the determination of those who never leaves the battlefield.
    The High Command Hell, asks those who swear allegiance, to never give up and to support the Legion and the Legionaries over every difficulty, turning a game into a second life, to make a virtual battle a moment of absolute happiness. Be born from nothing, grow without limits and we will win our challenges with a disarming ease in the eyes of the enemy.


    Link to The Hell Legion[uid]=15120
    website under construction
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    Long life to The Hell Legion
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    Greetings The Hell Legion,
    I am looking to join an alliance. Ive only been playing for a few days, but I learned quickly and my countries are growing exponentially. I have applied and would appreciate your consideration. Thank you for your time.

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    sorry buddy but we look for more experienced player at the moment.

    ty for the interest showed anyway

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    alliance hierarcy updated with a change in the alliance management board.

    Greetings from The Hell Legion.

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    Well, sounds fairly interesting and oldschool
    I can´t see any big names there, except yours, but cool that you try to buildt something up.
    I wish you good luck and lots of endurance and patience
    Sleep is the enemy

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    cheers mate!

    i hope to have soon other Iugs ready to fight for the hell legion and capable to do what i have been doing now for this alliance!

    Long Life to the Hell Legion!

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    Hello EN Server Players!

    this post is to inform the server that the Hell Legion has officially started the research of a player who would be able to cover the position of Alliance Mod in one of the best alliance of this server/game.

    We need a player with a decent experience and a lot of time to dedicate to the game to renew the international part of the Hell Legion to eventually take it over.


    1) Be able to recruit valid players
    2) Be able to make player grow in skills and lead them in battle
    3) Be able to mantain good relationship between players in the alliance

    What can we offer:

    1) To let you player for one of the best alliance of this server/game.
    2) To give you the chance to lead a group of players and much more.


    1) Skype contact
    2) Much activity in game and managerial skills
    3) Decent experience in game

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

    Best regards,

    Iug, Leader of The Hell Legion.
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