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    An additional modifier that would increase morale would not be a sollution to bad moral in late states of the game?

    Then I honestly have no clue what you're actually wanting... If you get a way to reduce the effects of the far distance one does too reduce the effects of moral on the regions. If you take away moral fully or reduce it heavily then you reduce the tactics used in smaller maps. I suggested A sollution to the issue of bad moral hurting your economy and distance to capital hurting your moral. I did not mention that this was THE sollution, nor that this is by any way a stand by bytro. It was a personal suggestion to an issue that has often been brought up. Being the limited ways to increase your moral in the bigger maps.

    Sorry that other people have opinions on matters to... and very sorry that those opinions can differ from yours...

    which btw...
    Quote Originally Posted by jackass01992 View Post
    On a side note: I think it would be nice to alter the "distance from capital moral hit." Keep the moral hit but reduce it by 1 each day. so after you hold a territory for a month it has fully "assimilated" into your country..
    I ment cores in the way that that would indicate an assimilated region ... so it is exactly what you said...
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys, we will consider them in the future (no promises though).

    Quote Originally Posted by jackass01992 View Post
    a few months ago I was finally able to enjoy that map for the first time ever because you released it under settings that made it only 20% full (if even). those rounds were awesome and I want to see more of them.

    you released the 500 player map with a minimal rank a couple months ago and started doing it continuously. so you have a desire to improve this specific issue, but these are baby steps. the minimum rank that is now seen in the 500 player map is far lower than the rank you experimented with several months ago that produced such terrific results.
    This information is sadly not correct. The minimum rank today is the same as several months ago. The reason the maps were so empty was because too many 500p maps were created at once due to a glitch in the system, so all the players joined different rounds instead of one, spreading themselves too thin. It is not in the best interest of the game though to have many half empty 500p maps. From a player perspective they are called 500p maps for a reason. When one joins them, one expects an epic battle with hundreds of other players. Winning them is a great accomplishment as you won vs. 499 other players. But also from our perspective it is not desired: Having more empty 500p maps not only stresses our servers very much (due to more AI calculations), it also greatly decreases the revenue which keeps this great game running. I know players don't want to hear anything about revenue and such, but you also have to take the realities of a business into account. It enables players like you to play this game totally for free for years to come. With our decisions and features we have to take many factors and many different player groups into account, we can't just do feature X because a player wanted it, even if it sounds like a good idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by jackass01992 View Post
    as we saw with the calvary fiasco.
    What cavalry fiasco? The majority of the feedback to the cavalry introduction was very positive. As you may know we made several surveys in the past months. Keep in mind that your own opinion and that of your direct peers might not necessarily represent the opinion of the majority of players. There are always multiple sides in an argument.
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    I'm not oppossed to calvary. I like when you guys introduced new units and the implementation of calvary has no complaints from me. what I was hinting at (and I merely hinted because I didn't want to bash Bytro on this) was the complex history of that unit being discussed on here. I recall Bytro hosting a poll to let people vote on the next new unit of which cav actually came in last, and yet it was annouced anyway that cav would be the new unit only for I think a year to pass before it was implemented.

    I wasn't getting at the faults in the unit itself or it's recent implementation. just that it's one of the reasons that contributes to a perception that Bytro is often following their own agenda without listening to the userbase.

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    Wasn't it the other way round and cavalry won the polls back then? That's what I was told, as I wasn't here so many years ago. The problem rather was that it was implemented very late and not right away. But we got there and the feedback was mostly positive afterwards

    Of course we can't always fulfill user wishes right when they are uttered. Stuff is priorized on different factors and KPIs, user opinion is of course one of them but not the only one. In the end we do what we think is best for the game and to keep it running for years to come.
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    GM free games? If so, get some extra servers,cos finally I could recommend this game to tons of my friends and will open fan club
    Fingers crossed.

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    Not enough players would pay enough money to play GM-free game rounds.

    Langsam wird's wieder ;-)

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    EnSeCo is the best shot at having GM free games, there is a thread for it under find co-players.

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    It is indeed it 'legally' enforced in EnSeCo meaning if you use it we as crew are allowed to kick you out of the map so it's indeed the best shot.


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    Cavalry looks interesting but it is just so much change from being used to regular infantry being built by themselves.

    Not to mention, I still find myself getting used to aircraft in every game.
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    I heard that if you say euskara's name 5 times into a mirror he appears and starts a trivia round
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    A solid mod, didn't let the power go to his head unlike many.
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    We mods tell his stories around a fire, in order to bring his spirit back.

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    As Lady T is sadly no longer in our crew. This thread is outdated

    => Closed and archived.

    If you however have issues you'd like to address don't hesitate to create threads. If there is anything for the CC's attention I'll gladly point him to it.

    Questions about the game? Have a look at the manual and the FAQ's.
    Need game support? Send a ticket or contact the crew.
    Have an idea for the game? Check the BigList.

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