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  • Yes, such badge would be a sign we liked what the users did in oru map

    1 14.29%
  • No, Such badge is a waste of time.

    6 85.71%
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    The premise is novel and noble, but would be a waste of the Mods time and not going (or more correctly, unlikely ever) to happen.

    It is too easy to abuse or to get others to help manufacture a 'popularity' award.

    I would like to suggest an alternative:

    Start a fresh thread and ask people to post about the noble deeds or sacrifices other players engage in. If a player is nominated or receives support for a nomination from enough players, you edit your first entry of the thread to list the player under the heading of honorable mention - or whatever you wish to call it.

    By taking on the due diligence of such a project, you remove the adoption of a time sink for the Mods and, if your thread proves to be fair, sound, and reliable, one of the Mods may make your thread a Pinned Topic.
    Greetings and good day.

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    that is an option however I fear the honorable list could very well turn into a thread full of blacklisting for people who didn't 'dissorve' it according to some

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    I agree with Narmer's concerns. A list which is meant for positive reinforcement can easily turn into a blacklist for denouncing players in public.

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