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    Vote for application in Supremacy 1914

    Would you like an Application for Supremacy 1914 for cellphones and tablets? i think we all want this or the total of us, vote and if you want reply too!
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    I certainly want a mobile application for the game. The mobile version of the website does not scale after the size of the device, so in order to actually being able to read the newspaper, diplomacy etc. you need a large device at the moment because of this scaling issue.

    Furthermore, I do not believe that the mobile version is not optimal for mobile device performance either way and an application with a more mobile user friendly interface would be great.

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    I see that call of war got a mobile app created for it about a month ago can we
    please get the same for Supremacy! Must not be that hard to code now that you
    you have the other app to base it off.


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    If you start messing about with your mobile phone at my dinner party I will slice you in two with the carving knife! There are already too many excuses for people to have their heads glued to a mobile device, not giving people their full attention, walking into people in the street because they're not watching where they are going... A decent stint in a labour battalion would sort 'em out!

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    Setting your personal opinion and proclivities aside for a moment I fail to see how a mobile version would affect you or your dinner table. If a mobile app were to be made for this game feel free to NOT to use it, keep using the web version.

    Allow however everyone else to decide for themselves if they want to get push notifications on their mobile when they are getting attacked or if they prefer to remain blissfully ignorant of that fact. Same for having the option of not being tied to an actual computer when needing to issue basic commands.

    Having said that lets please get a mobile app for this game going as quickly as possible it can only help to bring this wonderful product to a larger audience


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    Sadly. once again,I fear someone may have taken literally something said in jest. I wonder if it has something to do with some people's inability to comprehend irony, satire and social commentary. Failure to see the effects of social behaviour on others shows a lack of empathy, which in turn shows a lack of imagination. But once again, I jest, no-one here would have any of those issues.

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    I'd think CoW would be the test case as it's the most popular bytro game onces that runs stable they might put effort to making SUpremacy compatible too

    Questions about the game? Have a look at the manual.
    Need game support? Send a ticket or contact the crew.
    Have an idea for the game? Check the BigList.

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    I don't need a mobile application personally, but I think it would be great because it would result in more people playing this game.

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