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    A World in Flames

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    Dear Generals,

    the war is raging, our world is burning. Join the new, extended ‘World in Flames’ map that can now host up to 100 Players. The map will also be ‘wraparound’, so new opportunities to expand your territory will emerge. Stand side by side with new allies who will join you on the battlefield and face new enemies that are approaching. Will you be able to stand tall and conquer the world?

    The map will replace the old 85p World in Flames map, but don’t worry. You will still be able to finish your running 85p maps.

    We also fixed some bugs for you, including the ‘0 resource offers’ bug and a visual bug with the split command popup that led to army size indicators not changing when moving the slider.

    Here is the full list of this week’s changes:

    - Extended the 85p World in Flames map to make room for 100 players.
    - 500p maps now have 'Corporal' as the minimum rank. The change will not be retrospective and only affect new created 500p maps. This change has been made to reduce the amount of multi accounts on the map.
    - Fixed a bug that led to ‘0 resource offers’ in the stock market.
    - Sometimes the size numbers in the split command popup didn’t change when moving the slider. We fixed that.
    - Fixed a bug, where enemies were not shown on the ‘at war with’ list.
    - The costs for upgrading alliance in the Warchest are now shown properly again.
    - The ‘start new conversation’ popup in the diplomacy window now has a scrollbar.
    - Fixed some translations in the diplomacy window.
    - Text in the newspaper no longer breaks out of the text area, if no space is used.
    - We made some changes to the word filter again.

    We hope you like these changes. Feel free to give us feedback and share your opinion about our latest update.

    Good luck on the battlefield and have fun playing!

    Your Supremacy 1914 Team

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    When will this release officially?When I try to create new map, it still only has the 85p option.

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    It can take a while until the map is fully released, please try again in a few minutes.

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    100 players

    day 1

    80 Civilians
    10 whatever players
    10 active players

    day 15

    5 players actives

    Supremacy is dead, bury


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    Too many provinces. Seems the 500 player map. If I want to play a game that will not last for months and months and months on the world map there's no chance now. It's good to have now the whole world (I never understood why Siberia and the west coast of America were cut off!), the old map put Europe and Africa in a disadvantageous position, being attacked from both sides. But you should have kept the same "provinces density" of the old map. Now they're way too much, there's already the 500-map for the provinces-hungry people

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    Is there any way to help players who have been attacked by multiplayers- by the time the cheats have been removed the game has been ruined- not helped by active AI (which in other areas I applaud)
    I have withdrawn from three games recently due to these cheats.

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    Hey Peter, please write a support ticket, Multi Accounters will be banned and victims might get a ingame compensation.

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    Another change that we at first forgot to add in the news:

    Based on community feedback we added a minimum rank to 500p maps, you now at least need to be 'Corporal' to join them. The change will not be retrospective and will only affect new created 500p maps.

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    And the ,,suden strike,, ribbon condition is stil 45 days on the 100map ? I am not complaning ,just confirming .

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    Yes, it's even so on the 500 player map

    Langsam wird's wieder ;-)

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