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    Post Airplane Discussion - Let's talk about the retargeting mechanic

    Hello Generals,

    first of all, let me bring this discussion into context really quick: Currently airplanes are able to retarget their attack from one target to another, if both targets are close enough to each other (approx. 4 minutes distance). Which means: if the attacker is active enough, he can still retarget his airplanes to attack a splitted, escaping army of the defender.

    Of course, having this mechanic has both up- and downsides, that is why I'd like to start this discussion. Is this something needed to counter the defensive splitting strategy or does this feature empower airplanes too much? Or do you have other suggestions regarding this feature?

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    We were used to split to weaken the aircraft, now it doesn't work anymore, I personally think that's a bad idea

    Langsam wird's wieder ;-)

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    It's something we liked to discuss. But don't you think splitting basically voided the airplanes? if they can manually retarget it gives the attack also a activity bonus instead of only the defender that can basiclly make the attackers airplanes useless.

    I think it's a good idea
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    The two of you nailed the pros and cons with your answers. Now let's have a discussion which one outweighs the other and why.

    And don't forget to take the poll above!

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    Also please note that it is also possible that we adjust the general balancing of airplanes as solution. So if you think they become too strong when they are able to retarget, we can also just give them weaker stats instead of removing the retargeting.

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    Bombers are too strong, period.

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    I think that retargeting is an useful tool to compensate splitting trick. If not, i think that Bombers will loose their relevance on the game.
    Unfortunately could be used only from whome have time to spent on the game, but that's the same of what happends with Artilleries. Who have much more time, usually, wins.
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    if your opponend player some heavy gm-player and built up some stronge plane-armee then you havent any chance to defend against them if you cant split and send the planes back without any damadge... so it shoudnt be changed.

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    Bombers in this game are like flying battleships attack damage wise, but much more dangerous due to the longer range in addition to the restrictive mechanics for ground troops that may only retaliate with 10% of their attack damage, which in most cases is not enough to shoot down or even in some cases cause any damage at all to a single plane thanks to the restrictive mechanics working in conjunction with a broad amount of variables such as the x-factor.

    Had a case recently, where a person with a considerable amount of infantry and some tanks got attacked by air. One would have thought that he would at least shoot down a plane, but he lost more than half of what he had and did not even damage a single plane, because the restrictive mechanics prevented more than 40 infantry to effectively retaliate and 10% of 12.6 attack damage is not much at all, i.e. 1.26 AD, whereas a bomber and fighter got 3 HP. Now consider things like the x-factor on top of that and you will realise that you might not even deal any noticeable damage at all.

    The only thing that keeps aircraft from steamrolling everything and establishing itself as the new meta in this game is the splitting tactic. Take that away and you have flipped the entire table. You cannot have these restrictive mechanics for ground troops at the same time as you allow planes to change target. Why have ground troops then, if they are inferior in every possible way? I can already see it before me... A thousand planes and like only 50 infantry per nation. Mildly exaggerating now, but you get my point.

    Allow me also to point out that planes at the time could pretty much be shot down with a pistol as they were forced to fly low, slow and their durability was not exactly the best either. A bomber was pretty much a guy sitting at the back of the plane dropping grenades and / or bombs by hand and they were not accurate at all. Now I understand that this game wants a more arcadic approach and that is fine, but a bomber in this game is a flying fortress / battleship and that is just not fun at all.
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    So instead of adjusting the actual game mechanics, why not just increase the air defense for all units? This would/should give players a choice whether to stack up a large number of troops or split to avoid damage.

    I am sure this could be tested, but as an example raise infantry air defense to .2 or .25, cars to .3, tanks to .75 or 1 and artillery to .5 and adjust all others, including ships and fortresses, accordingly as well.

    I don't know how this would play out in a battle, but increasing the air defense would/should greatly increase the damage dealt to planes and possibly give incentive to create larger stacks to defend against air attacks.

    As some have already stated, removing the ability to split your forces to avoid air attacks would create an arms race to see who could get the most aircraft the fastest and basically nullify many other types of units for being needed for battle. You may as well rename the game "Air"Supremacy1914, if a retargeting mechanic is applied.

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