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    Bombers are useless, with or without splitting. I was a huge power in one game and I made 60 bomber to make some tests.
    I found out you lose at least one or two against big armies and fortresses, and against battleships the number is bigger. Again, the impact is huge, you take down sometimes 1/3 of the enemy in one shot, but the costs are too big, and if you are not active they are useless.
    A different combination with no bombers I think will be way better. Sadly I never had found a good player to test my theory, because I noticed they are very effective against artillery.
    So it might be good to build some for taking out railguns, but to base your whole war effort on them is dangerous if you are not already double the power in comparison with the rest of the map.
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    Yeah my army also has a few bomberds to take out enemy ranged weapons. But the main ranged unit is the arty for it's speed and moveability

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