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    Naming your country

    for the people who like to role play like me it would be awesome if you could change the name of your country please let this happen

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    This would create too much opportunity for trolling and confusion in the DE.

    *Changes nation name to Spain*

    Spanish Communique:
    France is full of amphibian lickers and Nancy boys.

    *Changes nation name to Germany*
    German Communique:
    AH is ours by historic ownership.

    *Changes nation name to Russia*
    Russian Communique:
    Sweden - all your base are belonging to Mother Russia

    Etc, etc....
    Greetings and good day.

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    Won't work as there are a couple of variables to be filled in, not only a country name.

    Langsam wird's wieder ;-)

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    OK the Russian jokes would be kinda funny but i see hat you are saying

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    has been proposed many times before usually rejected due to above mentioned reasons

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    I would like to begin by pointing out that this suggestion has been made quite a few times before and every time that it has been raised, the answer has always been 'no'.

    The reasoning behind this? People would abuse it (as Pharo has pretty much already stated). This abuse would then pile more work on the already overstretched support staff and would lead to slower response times to multis, etc. So, when faced with this possibility, I doubt that either the developers or the vast majority of the players would be in favour of such a feature.
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    I think our take on the issue of custom country names is already reflected well in the above posts. The disadvantages simply seem to outweigh the advantages. So right now we do not plan to implement that as a feature.

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    I think it should be added but When the country Like West/East/Central/North/South etc. ones.
    When One of those is out of the game the alive one must be named to its original like West Libya becomes Libya when the East one is annexed by anyone. Or changing should be If Bryto lab's would approve and see the game in once short time

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    not a good idea i think, i voted "no"

    as pharo and other guys said above, ppl will use this function for trolling + there will be a lot reports on "inappropriate name of a country". personally, i don't think that name of your country matters a lot.

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    i wanted it for role playing purpose but yea i see that trolling would be bad

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