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    I'm in a game currently as Russia and have changed my leader photo to Stalin and my country flag to the flag of the Soviet Union. I'm even the leader of the Warsaw Pact coalition.

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    You should know, Stalin is a forbidden dictator, the usage of his name and his picture isn't permitted!

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    why tho the game is historical why not let people do what they want

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    Lenin is the correct historical leader, not Stalin

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotdog12 View Post
    why tho the game is historical why not let people do what they want

    The rules are quite clear on this, content which glorifies Nazism/fascism especially, but also extremism,criminals,dictators,racism, etc. are prohibited. By violating these rules you run the risk of either having your in-game profile reset, being banned from the round itself or even having your account deleted (in severe cases).

    Stalin falls under the category of a totalitarian dictator, and as such is a direct violation of this rule, so it would likely be best if that were removed.

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    If you want to know how historical figures can be in violation in a game based on history - you need to understand this game is not intended to provide historical accuracy. They simply use the historical context of 1914 to provide a genre for an otherwise free-form strategy combat scenario.

    Use of certain historical figures or economic/social policies in any form (regardless if positive, neutral, or negative) is banned in some countries due to the societal stigma and fear related to them. It doesn't have to make sense - it is just they way it is. And - since this game is 1- based in Germany and 2- played by members worldwide - - they opt to adhere to a stricter view of those rules/laws most likely to represent a matter of concern.

    And before anyone says it... freedom of speech is not a worldwide practice, has strict limitations throughout most of the world, and "even" in America where is it supposed to be championed - free speech only truly has any standing in an individuals 'right' to speak their ideas publicly and the 'right' to issue grievance against the government without retribution... there is no speech 'right' to play the role of banned subject matter within a game owned and operated by a private business.
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    Please return back on topic, if you have questions about the rules contact a moderator in pm.
    Now this thread is about pro's and contra's to changing country names.

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    Pro... servers a minor RP use.

    Con... Easy to abuse, would be used for trolling, and would likely contribute to the breaking of local, regional, or national laws due to the international nature of s1914's clients.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pharo Halset View Post
    This would create too much opportunity for trolling and confusion in the DE.

    *Changes nation name to Spain*

    Spanish Communique:
    France is full of amphibian lickers and Nancy boys.

    *Changes nation name to Germany*
    German Communique:
    AH is ours by historic ownership.

    *Changes nation name to Russia*
    Russian Communique:
    Sweden - all your base are belonging to Mother Russia

    Etc, etc....
    It could be limited to one name change per game to prevent this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lzhedmitriy View Post
    there will be a lot reports on "inappropriate name of a country". personally, i don't think that name of your country matters a lot.
    People can do inappropriate stuff no matter what. They can change their flag to the swastika. They can change their picture to be Hitler. They will be punished for it. I don't see how the country name is any different.

    I really want this feature. I hate to be "East Libya" for the entire game when there is no other Libya left. Also, in a 500 player game, the South Korean player wanted to role play as North Korea but because the name displayed in DE as South Korea, it was really awkward.

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    Maybe once you have a large number of provinces, the game should allow some option to change the name of the nation.

    For example, if one nation takes 100 provinces in the 500p map, lets say in Australia or India. The player should then get an option or options to chose from. The names may include: India, Australia, Oceania, South Asia or so on.
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